Joint Replacement

Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery For Better Joint Replacement Results

When the pain of osteoarthritis in your knee or hip can’t be controlled by medication or physical therapy, joint replacement is an option. Through high-tech advances in robotics, the surgeons at Med Center Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine can perform joint replacements that offer less pain, faster recovery and longer-lasting results.

With the help of Mako robotic-arm assisted technology, Med Center Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine surgeons are performing joint replacement surgeries for knees and hips with better results than traditional surgery. Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery begins with 3D modeling of the patient’s joint and anatomy. Every step of the surgery is planned ahead of time with more accuracy. Robotic surgery has also been shown to provide increased safety and reduce risk to soft tissue surrounding the joint.

MAKO robotic arm-assisted total knee surgeries, compared to traditional knee replacement, can decrease postoperative pain, reduce need for pain medicines, improve leg muscle strength, decrease the number of physical therapy sessions, and improve knee range of motion. During knee replacement surgery, damaged bone and cartilage are removed. Metal components are added to the thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia). A plastic spacer acts like cartilage, making sure the new joint bends smoothly. Knee implants used for the Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery replace the knee’s natural, circular motion. This helps provide better stability as the knee is bent and flexed. Traditional implants are more limited, following only an oval motion.

MAKO robotic arm-assisted total knee surgeries include cementless knee replacement. Cementless knee surgery uses the body’s natural healing ability and can help the artificial knee last longer, possibly avoiding a knee revision surgery.

Hip replacement involves removing the arthritic ball of the femur and inserting a metal stem-like component into the bone. The hip socket is also replaced. Mako robotic-arm assisted hip replacement helps preserve healthy bone, offers less likelihood of hip dislocation, and feels like a natural hip

After surgery, Med Center Health offers complete rehabilitation services through our Home Care Program and outpatient rehabilitation clinics to keep you moving with the least amount of discomfort possible. There are locations throughout Southcentral Kentucky for your convenience.

Doctor Badarudeen explains knee replacement surgery to a patient.