Medical Center Hematology and Oncology is dedicated to diagnosing blood diseases and disorders accurately, getting you the help you need. Whether you have anemia, cancer, or other blood-related problem, our professionals can diagnose you with precision and provide compassionate, personalized care.

More Advanced Options for Patients at Medical Center Hematology and Oncology

Blood disorders and diseases can be overwhelming. Having an early, accurate diagnosis can mean everything to a patient’s treatment options. At Medical Center Hematology and Oncology, we have some of the most qualified experts in Southcentral Kentucky who can diagnose you quickly and accurately, getting you the treatment you need.

Our doctors know every patient is unique and every diagnosis has many options to return you to full health. If you’ve had a blood test that has raised concerns with your doctor, we have the expertise to treat you. We treat cancers and disorders of the blood, including leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, anemia, sickle cell disease and blood clots (thrombosis).

While we specialize in cancer treatments—including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy—we also realize a cancer patient’s needs are not limited to just the cancer. Sometimes, cancer and its treatments can change the way a body reacts to therapy and medications. Our focus is on you and your complete wellness. We work with all the physicians on your health team to be sure you are receiving the care you need.

Because Medical Center Hematology & Oncology is part of The Medical Center at Bowling Green Cancer Center, patients also have access to the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network. If you need cancer care that is not available locally, we can work with Markey doctors to minimize how much you might have to travel. You also have access to clinical trials, which are research studies that treat cancer with new medications or protocols.

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