Med Center Health Hematology & Oncology Albany

  • Appointments via telemedicine: (270) 796-2557

Exterior view of The Medical Center at Albany.

Appointments via telemedicine: (270) 796-2557

Med Center Health Hematology & Oncology specializes in treating patients with cancer or disorders of the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic systems. The practice is led by fellowship-trained hematologist/oncologists who treat each patient with skill and compassion.

Appointments for new and established patients in Albany and Clinton County are available via telemedicine with Dr. Diego Cabrera. Call our Bowling Green office for an appointment and instructions. No internet? No problem. Patients will be asked to go to The Medical Center at Albany to connect with their telemedicine appointment through high-speed internet.

Med Center Health Hematology & Oncology offers a variety of treatments, including:

  • Chemotherapy—kills cancer cells or keeps them from spreading
  • Hormone therapy—blocks certain hormones used by some cancers to grow
  • Immunotherapy—helps your own immune system fight cancer
  • Targeted therapy—treatment that targets the ways cancer cells grow, divide and spread

Your specific treatment will depend upon your general health, your disease, and your goals. Your treatment plan may include more than one therapy. As your partner in treatment, Dr. Cabrera will discuss each appropriate option with you, including benefits and risks.

Disorders we treat

As a hematology and oncology clinic, we treat a variety of disorders, including:
• Cancer
• Leukemia
• Myeloma
• Lymphoma
• Anemia
• Sickle Cell Disease
• Thrombosis (blood clots)