Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

See Med Center Health’s response to COVID-19 on our Coronavirus Update page.

Visitation restrictions in effect at Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care

To protect our residents from potential exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is putting visitation limitations in effect immediately. We are following the same recommendations issued by state and federal government entities, including:

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidance to healthcare facilities to screen patients and visitors for signs and symptoms
  • The Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of the Inspector General (CHFS-OIG) recommendation that “long-term care facilities limit visitation only to those loved ones that are receiving end-of-life care”
  • The COVID-19 State of Emergency issued by Governor Andy Beshear

Med Center Health and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care believe it is important for all healthcare providers to proactively address preventing the spread of COVID-19, and to follow the direction of State and Federal agencies. The restrictions put in effect today will remain in place until the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is no longer a public health concern.

Visitations will be allowed only for end-of-life care, and we will limit those visitors to immediate family or legal guardians only. Visitors who fall into this category will be screened for signs of illness, including having their temperature taken. Those allowed to enter the facility will be escorted to and from the resident’s room. At no time will a visitor be permitted to enter or leave a resident’s room without an escort.

Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is taking every effort possible to help family members and friends remain in contact with their loved ones through alternate means of indirect contact, such as the telephone. We understand these restrictions may be distressing to many of our residents, family members and caregivers; however, the health and safety of our residents is our number one priority.

For additional information, please contact Jacqueline Woodward, Administrator, Cal Turner Rehab and Specialty Care at woodjh@mchealth.net, or via telephone to (270) 622-2800.

Additional resources:

Governor Beshear Executive Order: https://governor.ky.gov/attachments/20200306_Executive-Order_2020-215.pdf

Public Health Statute: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/law/statutes/statute.aspx?id=8774

Med Center Health Vaccine Clinic Update
The COVID-19 vaccine and booster are available at Medical Center Urgentcare located at 291 New Towne Drive in Bowling Green for those 12 and older. For those under 12, the vaccine is available at Med Center Health Primary Care Bowling Green.