The Medical Center at Scottsville Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

The Medical Center at Scottsville is celebrating 30 years of delivering local care to those in Scottsville and surrounding counties. Since opening in 1993, The Medical Center at Scottsville has served thousands of patients in Allen County and beyond.

“It’s truly an honor and privilege to celebrate this 30th anniversary,” said Eric Hagan, Vice President of Rural Hospitals. “The staff here at Scottsville makes our workplace feel like a family. This anniversary is a testament to the commitment we have made in caring for our family, friends, and neighbors here in Allen County.”

On July 5, 1952, the Allen County War Memorial Hospital opened in Scottsville. The hospital featured 31 beds and 12 bassinets, and on May 3, 1993, the hospital joined The Medical Center and was named The Medical Center at Scottsville. Soon after, plans began to construct a 52-bed replacement facility at an estimated cost of $9 million and to purchase Hillview Manor Nursing Facility. Using land donated by the Turner Family Trust, the new medical complex would be built on a 12-acre site on Burnley Road and would house The Medical Center at Scottsville and Cal Turner Extended Care Pavilion, named in honor of Cal Turner, Sr.

The Medical Center at Scottsville and Cal Turner Extended Care Pavilion held a grand opening ceremony on February 25, 1996, with approximately 1,000 individuals in attendance, including representatives from state and local government, business leaders, and citizens of Allen and surrounding counties.  The final cost of the 80,000-square-foot complex was $14 million and included 52 acute-care beds and 105 skilled-care beds. Operations of the facility began on March 4, 1996.  The addition of these facilities ensured that residents of Scottsville and Allen County have access to the latest in high-quality service without the need to travel to other cities.

“We have made significant investments in new facilities, equipment, providers, services, technology, and staff,” said Hagan. “We have implemented advancements in best practices, staff development, and patient care. We have achieved accreditations and certifications for quality patient care, and we continue to improve access to care as well as the levels of care available locally.”

On September 21, 2011, an open house and ribbon cutting took place for the first hospital expansion since the facility opened. The expansion included a new Specialty Clinic and an in-house MRI suite.

The Medical Center at Scottsville offers residents of Scottsville and Allen County convenient access to first-rate inpatient and outpatient services including a 24-hour, full-service emergency room. Diagnostic Imaging services include MRI, 64-slice CT, digital mammography, ultrasound, and echocardiography. Physicians specializing in cardiology, general surgery, orthopaedics, nephrology, pulmonology, and urology see patients in Scottsville as part of the hospital’s physician specialty clinics. Other services include cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Senior Perspectives (outpatient mental health services for seniors), and comprehensive rehabilitation services including physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is a 110-bed long-term care facility adjoining The Medical Center at Scottsville. The name was changed in 2012 from Cal Turner Extended Care Pavilion to better reflect the focused care provided for rehab care, wound care, and special needs of residents. Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is the only Joint Commission-accredited nursing facility in the 10-county Barren River Development District. Because of its attachment to the hospital, Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is the only facility in the region with access to 24-hour physician care. Also, residents have the unique advantage of immediate access to acute care if needed.