Speech Therapy

Specialists Using the Latest in Speech Therapy Technology

Speech and language disorders can occur at any age. For children, it can signal a developmental disorder. In seniors, it could be a result of stroke or other physical health concern. That’s why the speech and language specialists at Med Center Health work to diagnose you accurately and get you the therapy you need.

Med Center Health speech and language specialists diagnose and treat people who have communication disorders that result from a range of possible causes. Our Speech Therapists work with people of all ages from children with swallowing or developmental disorders to seniors recovering from stroke or illness that may have resulted in impaired communication.

Speech disorders occur when a person has difficulty producing speech or voice problems. Language problems are associated with people who have difficulty understanding others or have difficulty expressing what they are thinking. Our therapists will take time to diagnose you or your loved one to get a complete picture of the difficulty. Then, they will develop a plan to treat and help rehabilitate the patient.

For physical disorders, such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), our therapists use VitalStim, the latest technology in neuromuscular electrical stimulation, to help patients avoid the need for feeding tubes.