School Wellness Programs

Med Center Health & Wellness can offer a variety of health programs to your school. The
list below are the most common programs we offer, but we are happy to tailor a program
to your needs. We can also set up education for health/fitness fairs, etc.

HANDWASHING PROGRAM – This class is usually for younger students. This presentation
demonstrates to students how to stay healthy by handwashing and practice of the proper
steps. This also involves a germ buster demonstration with a pen and black light to see
how the germs are easily spread.

5210 PROGRAM – As part of this obesity prevention program, the guidelines recommend
children eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, view 2 hours or less of screen time,
participate in 1 hour of physical activity and consume 0 sugar-sweetened beverages daily.

BRAIN PROTECTOR PROGRAM – This program is designed for children 5-12 years of age.
The education includes information about how to recognize stroke symptoms and the
importance of calling 911 if stroke symptoms are identified.

VAPING AVOIDANCE FOR TEENS – This program includes all of the dangers of vaping and
discusses the different types of vaping devices.

A group of smiling teenagers.