Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

See Med Center Health’s response to COVID-19 on our Coronavirus Update page.

Bariatric surgical services now available in Albany

Bariatric Surgeon O. Raphael Nwanguma, MD, FACS, began seeing patients in Albany March 6, bringing expert care close to home in Clinton County. Dr. Nwanguma helps people improve their health and achieve a healthy weight for life through weight loss surgery. The Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program will see patients at The Medical Center at Albany on the first and third Fridays of each month.

Dr. Nwanguma and his staff see patients in Albany for evaluation, completion of pre-surgical requirements and follow-up care. Dr. Nwanguma performs surgery at The Medical Center at Bowling Green, which is accredited as a Center of Excellence in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). Dr. Nwanguma has also been awarded the distinction of Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by SRC.

Procedures available through Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program include:

  • Gastric Sleeve: After removing the outer 85 percent of the stomach, the stomach is converted into a thin, narrow “sleeve” which holds less food, resulting in less appetite. With this procedure, weight loss is rapid for most patients.
  • Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: This procedure divides the stomach to make a small reservoir pouch for food at the upper end of the stomach. The pouch, which has a capacity for about one ounce of food, is connected to the upper small intestine. Therefore, food bypasses the larger portion of the stomach. Patients experience a decreased appetite. Rapid weight loss occurs initially and stabilizes over time. This is the most commonly performed bariatric procedure in the U.S.

Appointments with Dr. Nwanguma are scheduled by calling Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program’s Bowling Green office at 270-796-6333. Learn more at MedCenterHealth.org/SWLP.

Med Center Health Vaccine Clinic Update
The COVID-19 vaccine and booster are available at Medical Center Urgentcare located at 291 New Towne Drive in Bowling Green for those 12 and older. For those under 12, the vaccine is available at Med Center Health Primary Care Bowling Green.