The Medical Center Launches Life-saving PulsePoint App

The Medical Center has introduced the PulsePoint app to Warren County. PulsePoint is a free mobile app that is saving lives in more than 1,100 communities in the United States.

Launched today to the Bowling Green community at the meeting of the Warren County Fire Chiefs Association, local first responders got a first look at the PulsePoint app. Medical Center Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Paramedic, Jim Williams, explained how it works. “The system will alert CPR-trained users through the free app when someone in a nearby public place is experiencing a heart attack and needs CPR. The app also shows the alerted CPR-trained person answering the call where to find the closest defibrillator.”

“The goal is for everyone with CPR training to sign up for the free PulsePoint app. They can then be alerted when someone in a public place within a quarter mile of them is in need of CPR. The person alerted by the app will perform necessary life-saving CPR until emergency personnel arrive. When someone is experiencing a heart attack, every minute counts,” said Jim Berry, Interim Director for Medical Center EMS.

In addition to the life-saving CPR notifications, the app provides a current list of accident locations to which EMS is responding. Knowing the accident locations will save individuals drive time by being able to plan an alternate route and avoid being slowed in traffic tie-ups.

To download the free PulsePoint app, go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “PulsePoint.”