Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

See Med Center Health’s response to COVID-19 on our Coronavirus Update page.

The Medical Center and WKDI Upgrade to 3D Mammograms

The Medical Center at Bowling Green and Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging, a department of The Medical Center, now have the latest technology in screening mammograms — the Hologic Selenia® Dimensions® Genius 3D system.

A Genius™ exam detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduces false positives by up to 40%. Instead of viewing all of the complexities of breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below. Overlapping layers of tissue can sometimes create unclear results, false alarms, or worse – cancer being missed.

A woman’s chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime is 1 in 8; and 8 out of 9 diagnosed women have no family history of breast cancer. The Genius exam can help catch cancer early, and with early detection the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is almost 100%.

“Genius exams are approved for all women who would undergo a standard mammogram,” said Brian Wallace, M.D., Radiologist with The Medical Center. “With this new system, we can see masses and distortions associated with cancer much more clearly than with conventional 2D mammography.”

Women can schedule mammograms at The Medical Center or Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging by calling 270-745-1199 or toll free 1-800-231-9621.