Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

See Med Center Health’s response to COVID-19 on our Coronavirus Update page.


Before, during, and after childbirth, you want the very best possible care for baby and mother. That’s why we established the family-centered Women and Newborn Services. We are alongside you and your family every step of the way to provide excellent care in a comfortable place.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Comfortable Environments

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a family’s life. The excitement, expectation and anxiety are all part of the process. We want you to feel at home and part of the family.

The obstetricians at Med Center Health established the Women and Newborn Services to provide state-of-the-art medical care in a very comfortable environment. Beginning with prenatal visits and diagnostic testing until you take your baby home for the first time, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

With 11 labor, delivery and recovery rooms, as well as four triage rooms if outpatient testing is required during pregnancy, we strive to balance medical needs to keep baby and mother safe, while focusing on comfort. Once the baby is delivered, we have 22 private rooms in Post-Partum. Here, the nursing staff concentrates on teaching the new mother how to take care of herself and her newborn. We also educate partners on ways they can help with care and encourage them to stay the night with mom.

Our Nursery provides a caring, skilled staff who care for the baby when not in the room with the mother. Tours of Obstetrical Services are available as part of the Maternity Services Tour and the Expectant Parent Fair held every year.

Med Center Health Vaccine Clinic Update
The COVID-19 vaccine and booster are available at Medical Center Urgentcare located at 291 New Towne Drive in Bowling Green for those 12 and older. For those under 12, the vaccine is available at Med Center Health Primary Care Bowling Green.