Spine Care

When your back hurts, it can leave you in a bind. It limits your movement, your walking, and can even leave you flat on your back. We bring you the latest back surgery techniques, such as XLIF fusion surgery, to give you relief and get you back doing things you love to do as soon as possible.

Innovative XLIF Surgery Gets Patients On Their Feet Sooner

Neurosurgeons at Med Center Health treat all disorders and diseases of the head and spine, including tumors and other damaging or debilitating conditions. We use the latest technology to diagnose and treat head and spine issues, and return you to healthy, pain-free movement.

For bulging or damaged discs in the spine, we pioneered innovative XLIF disc fusion surgery in Southcentral Kentucky to help patients with persistent back pain. The minimally-invasive procedure is actually performed through the side of the body to treat spine disorders for patients who can’t seem to get relief from pain medication, steroid injections or physical therapy.

XLIF stands for Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion and is surgery to repair a damaged disc. Because doctors access the spine through the side of the patient’s body, the surgeon can avoid major muscle groups, bones and ligaments, which can be damaged by conventional surgery, causing a longer recovery period. Benefits also include less surgery time — normally about an hour — less blood loss and scarring, less pain, shorter hospital stay and time in rehabilitation.

After surgery, most patients are up and walking around the same day. Full recovery can take up to two months—much quicker than traditional spinal surgery that has up to a six-month recovery period.