Long Term Care

Sometimes an illness or condition requires more — a longer hospital stay, additional tests and treatments, and more care from a team of professionals. That’s why Med Center Health features two long-term care facilities to provide the medical care you need.

Providing long-term care close to home

For patients with complex or chronic conditions, Med Center Health offers Long-Term Care in two convenient locations for our neighbors in Southcentral Kentucky. For cardiac or cancer patients who require a longer recovery period, for treatments that require IV medicine delivery, for patients in renal care, or patients requiring skilled nursing care or rehabilitation, these facilities can meet their needs.

Long Term Acute Care: Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital, located within the Medical Center at Bowling Green, was specifically created to serve patients who need continuity of care in an acute care environment for three weeks or longer. Our specialized staff is highly trained to help address the unique and complicated physical and emotional, nursing and rehabilitation needs of each patient.

Long Term Care and Rehabilitation: Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care is the only accredited long-term care facility of its kind in the five-county Barren River region, featuring a staff who specialize in the needs of long-term care patients, including rehabilitation. Located adjacent to The Medical Center at Scottsville, hospital and emergency room care are readily available. Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care also provides rehabilitation for short-term, outpatients.

We’re committed to providing the care you need – both short term and long-term when necessary.