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PROPEL Sinus Implants

Sometimes, surgery is the best option for chronic sinusitis. When persistent symptoms or conditions require surgery, Med Center Health is on the leading edge of treatments. That’s why we recommend PROPEL® Mometasone Furoate Implants at the time of surgery to reduce scarring and inflammation – as well as increase airflow and comfort for patients.

Sinus Implant Reduces Pain, Inflammation and Speeds Recovery

Chronic anything is not good. When it’s chronic sinusitis, you are looking for relief and a return to normal as soon as possible. When your doctor says surgery is the best option, the experts at Med Center Health can provide the latest innovations to help you get well and recover quickly.

Sinus surgery has been proven helpful in these cases — but in the past, recovery sometimes takes as long as a month and some see symptoms return too soon. But when the doctors at ENT Bowling Green began placing the PROPEL® Mometasone Furoate Implant into surgically-repaired sinus cavities, they found that their patients recovered faster and with much greater comfort.

Surgery is recommended for patients with persistent sinusitis who haven’t responded well to medications or other treatments. Surgery is meant to clean out inflamed air pathways and open blocked sinuses, but ENT surgeons found that in the recovery period symptoms would sometimes quickly return. When the PROPEL implant is used, however, inflammation and scarring are greatly reduced, speeding recovery.

The spring-like implant props open the ethmoid sinus to maintain the surgical opening and also delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus lining. The implant is designed to maintain and help the opening heal. Once it is healed, the implant dissolves, which eliminates the need for surgery to remove.

For more information about PROPEL sinus implants, call (270) 782-7768.