Continuing/Long-term Acute Care

Continuing/long-term acute care close to home

Med Center Health provides continuity of care for chronically or critically ill patients, regardless of the diagnosis, through Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital. Unlike nursing homes or skilled care nursing transitional units, Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital is designed to address the unique and complicated physical, emotional, spiritual, nursing and rehabilitation needs of each patient while in an acute care setting.

Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital, located within The Medical Center at Bowling Green, was specifically created to serve patients who need continuity of care in an acute care environment for three weeks or longer. Our specialized staff is highly trained to help address the unique and complicated physical and emotional, nursing and rehabilitation needs of each patient.

Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital meets the needs of patients who may have:

  • Complex medical conditions or multiple medical problems
  • Respiratory needs
  • Ventilator dependence requiring weaning
  • Long-term IV antibiotic therapy needs
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Complicated wound care needs
  • Multiple post-surgical conditions
  • Renal insufficiency, renal failure, hemodialysis
  • Post-traumatic stress with extensive acute medical needs
  • Extended intensive care needs

What is a Hospital-Within-A-Hospital

Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital provides a highly focused environment of care for the complex needs of patients. Located within The Medical Center at Bowling Green, Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital operates as a separate and distinct entity with its own board of directors, medical staff and employees.