Preceptors_0004_Schmidt, Beth

Beth Schmidt, PharmD

  • Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital

    Pharmacy Manager

Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital

  • 250 Park Street (6th Floor)
    Bowling Green, KY 42101

About Beth Schmidt, PharmD

“As a crucial member of the healthcare team, I believe that collaborating with the other healthcare providers, professionals and nurses ensures that we reach the best possible outcomes for our patients through effective medication management.” – Beth Schmidt, PharmD

Beth earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. In 2012, she completed residency training at Baptist Health Lexington, which equipped her with a strong foundation in pharmaceutical care and clinical expertise. The same year, she and her husband moved to Bowling Green and she started her career at The Medical Center at Bowling Green.  In 2016, she transitioned to the Pharmacy Manager of the Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital.

Outside of her professional pursuits, she is a devoted mother to her two children and enjoys supporting them in their academic and recreational interests.  She enjoys physical activities and regularly participates in Crossfit workouts and plays recreational volleyball. Beth says this providers her with physical and mental strength as well as time to unwind and socialize with friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts.