Workplace Safety

The University of Kentucky work compensation program covers employees who work throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Following Needle Sticks and Other Healthcare Associate Exposures at The Medical Center at Bowling Green

Step 1: Immediately wash exposed area with soap and water and treat injury, if needed. If eyes are splashed with a potential bloodborne pathogen, immediately flush eyes at closest eyewash station and proceed to the ED for eye exam.

Step 2: Report exposure to Infection Prevention. Call 270-745-1000 and ask for the IP nurse on-call (available 24 hours/7 days a week). Infection Prevention will assist in testing the source patient and with testing the resident/fellow, as needed, as well as provide counseling to the exposed individual. All results will be reported by the IP directly to the healthcare associate involved. If an Infectious Disease consult is required, the IP will make the arrangements and notify the exposed individual.

Step 3: Report the occurrence to Workers Care: 800-440-6285.

Failure to report through UK Worker’s Care could impact your future eligibility for worker’s compensation coverage. Further details about this resource may be found at the UK website.

Following Needle Sticks and Other Healthcare Associate Exposures at the University of Kentucky

Step 1: First aid. Immediately de-glove and wash hands, treat the injury.
Step 2: Notify supervising nurse for the unit/area to draw source patient blood; obtain “red envelope”
Step 3: Report the occurrence to Workers Care: 800-440-6285

  • During normal business hours, you will receive an appointment at employee health
  • After hours and weekends, you will have a phone consult with the on call provider and may have a subsequent appointment at employee health

Based on where the employee is physically located, and once they have been phone triaged by our third party administer (CorVel), they may be sent to a local emergency department, immediate care center, or other like service.

This is an arrangement we have as part of our managed care organization. If an injured employee is located outside of the Lexington area, they more than likely would not be sent to Lexington for treatment. The University follows all applicable work comp rules and regulations, as outline by KRS 342.