Vision, Values and Culture

Our Vision

  • Loyal: Committed to our patients and our colleagues
  • Learn: Didactically strong, self-learners
  • Lead: Graduate excellent clinicians that communicate, cooperate and collaborate

Our values

  • M – orality
  • C – ourage/Conviction
  • H – umility
  • G – row with Integrity
  • M – aintain Consistency
  • E – xcellence

our culture

  • Do what we say we will do
  • Have a passion for learning
  • Be open and honest in all we do
  • Be focused on quality and innovation
  • Practice humility in putting others first
  • Relentlessly focus on timely and thoughtful execution
  • Accept responsibility when we make mistakes and be quick to forgive others
  • Teaching and learning done with mutual respect, not from a vantage of superiority