Good Samaritan Award

Lindsey Johnson, OT

Congratulations to Lindsey Johnson, an Occupational Therapist at the Medical Center at Scottsville, for being honored with the Med Center Health Good Samaritan Award. Please see the nomination below to see why the Employee Recognition Committee selected Lindsey as an award recipient.

“Lindsey is certified in lymphedema management and has a passion for treating individuals whose lives are affected by this condition. Management of this condition is complex and includes consistent treatment by the therapist, including manual techniques and compression wrapping of the affected area. I am nominating Lindsey for this award because she went above and beyond in her service to one of her patients in treatment of his left lower extremity. Her patient was scheduled to have left hip surgery at a non-Med Center Health location which would negatively affect the patient’s lymphedema, reversing the time and effort they spent controlling the lymphedema in the weeks prior to surgery. She knew that if his limb was not appropriately and immediately treated post-operatively with compression wrappings, the patient’s lymphedema would return and would also negatively impact his recovery from surgery. Lindsey collaborated with the surgeon and the patient and was able to provide the lymphedema management that the patient needed shortly after surgery. This service was performed on her own time in the evening and rooted in the genuine concern she has for her patients. She has been able to routinely follow-up with the patient’s care as he transferred to Med Center Scottsville’s swing bed for further rehab. This act took a great deal of time and effort to coordinate to ensure the patient had a successful outcome. – Carrie Reed