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Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

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Cross, Tracy G., MD

  • General Surgery
  • Med Center Health Surgical Spe250 Burkesville RoadAlbany, KY 42602
  • Phone 6063873000
  • Fax 6063873307

Davis, Daniel L., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • Riverside Professional Center825 Second Avenue, Suite B6Bowling Green, KY 42101
  • Phone 2707802690
  • Fax 2707802699

Passer, Darin, MD

  • General Surgery
  • Med Center Health General Surgery825 Second Avenue East, Suite B6Bowling Green, KY 42101
  • Phone 270-780-2690

Soule, Sara C., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • Riverside Professional Ctr825 Second Ave, Suite B6Bowling Green, KY 42101
  • Phone 2707802690
  • Fax 2707802699

Jessen, Mark D., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • 1326 Andrea StreetBowling Green, KY 42104
  • Phone 2707811588
  • Fax 2707811598

Korba, John L., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • Bluegrass Surgical Associates996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite A5Bowling Green, KY 42103
  • Phone 2707825219
  • Fax 2707939385

Bush, Wayne, M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • 1212 Woodhurst Street. Suite ABowling Green, KY 42104
  • Phone 2708421660
  • Fax 2708431911

Campbell, Michael L., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • 1325 Andrea Street. Suite 201Bowling Green, KY 42104
  • Phone 2708437557
  • Fax 2703939664

Chambers, Amber H., MD

  • General Surgery
  • Graves Gilbert Clinic484 Golden Autumn Way. Suite 201Bowling Green, KY 42103
  • Phone 2703932778
  • Fax 2707833742

Haase, Tage F., MD

  • General Surgery
  • Graves Gilbert Clinic484 Golden Autumn Way. Suite 201Bowling Green, KY 42103
  • Phone 2707833307
  • Fax 2707800491

Wierson, Timothy A., M.D.

  • General Surgery
  • Graves Gilbert Clinic484 Golden Autumn Way. Suite 201Bowling Green, KY 42103
  • Phone 2707833340
  • Fax 2707800492

Med Center Health Providers

Whether you’re looking for a primary care doctor to help you maintain your good health, or a qualified specialist to treat an injury or illness, finding the right doctor is essential for receiving the best possible healthcare. At Med Center Health, our team includes more than 400 doctors representing 50-plus specialties. And with more than 30 locations across Southcentral Kentucky, it’s easy to get the quality care you need, close to home.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Med Center Health doctors are driven to achieve the highest possible and most current accreditations. This helps the entire team remain committed to practicing the most innovative approaches to healthcare. We also maintain valuable partnerships that help keep our doctors current with breakthrough treatments and techniques.

Med Center Health also has exclusive partnerships with academic institutions such as Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky. This offers our doctors unique access to the very latest in advanced medical technology. The health system also recently committed to building the University of Kentucky College of Medicine–Bowling Green Campus, the first 4-year regional medical school in Kentucky.

Health System

Tips for Finding a Provider

Finding the right doctor is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few guidelines to make the search a little easier.

Talk to people

Ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Do they have a doctor they love? This is a great place to start. But remember that every patient and every situation is different. Just because a doctor is right for someone you know, that doesn’t mean he or she is right for you.

Check qualifications

Make sure your doctor is qualified and experienced in the areas that matter to you. Visit the doctor profile page on our website to learn about a doctor’s education and training, specialities, and board certifications.

Check location

Finding a doctor close to home can make a big difference when your health situation requires frequent visits.

Check availability

Not all doctors are able to accept new patients. Make a phone call to his or her office and find out if appointments are available.

Check your insurance

Not every doctor accepts every insurance plan. Make sure your doctor accepts yours before you begin a relationship.

Talk to your doctor

On your initial visit, ask questions. Get to know him or her to find out if their areas of interest and expertise line up with your needs.

Trust your instincts

Feeling comfortable with your doctor is perhaps the most important consideration of all. Make sure your new physician is someone your can share intimate details with – and who will listen when you do.