Condition Worsens for Physician at Forefront of COVID-19 Battle

The condition of Dr. Rebecca Shadowen, a specialist in Infectious Diseases at Med Center Health and a leader with the BG-WC Coronavirus Workgroup, worsened Thursday.  “After being placed on a ventilator earlier in the day, an urgent procedure was performed late Thursday afternoon at the Medical Center at Bowling Green to prepare Dr. Shadowen for transport to UK Healthcare in Lexington,” said Connie Smith, President and CEO of Med Center Health. 

On Wednesday of this week, Dr. Shadowen released an update on her condition stating she was “in serious condition.”  Dr. Shadowen also said in her statement, “as we know, this illness can take turns at any time.”  “In less than 24 hours from releasing her status to the media and general public, Dr. Shadowen’s condition worsened to critical status,” according to Smith. 

Dr. Shadowen first announced she had tested positive for COVID-19 on May 13th after contracting the virus through community acquired exposure when an elderly family member received care at home from an infected caregiver.  At that time, Dr. Shadowen stated, “I do not believe I contracted the virus while working in the hospital.”

“Dr. Shadowen and her family are in our thoughts and prayers and we know she is in the skillful hands of our partners at UK Healthcare,” added Smith.