Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.

Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care visitation restrictions

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services issued guidelines for implementation of Phased Scheduled Resident Visitation in Skilled Nursing Facilities.  Cal Turner Rehab and Specialty Care implement our Phased Scheduled Resident Visitation beginning September 9, 2020.  Our goal is to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19; and enhance our resident’s quality of life.

Guidelines Each Visitor Must Follow During Each Scheduled Resident Visit

  • Call 270-622-2833 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to schedule your visit as soon as possible.
  • Only two (2) Visitors per visit.
  • Visits are scheduled for 20 minutes in length.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of your visit.
  • The designated outdoor “Visit Area” is located in the rear of Cal Turner Rehab and Specialty Care.
  • Signage is posted for your designated parking area.
  • Remain in your vehicle until you are called for the Visitor Screening Process.
  • Each visitor must wear a mask throughout the visit.
  • Each visitor will be screened to document a lack of fever and response to the Screening Questionnaire prior to the visit.
  • Each visitor must hand sanitize prior to the visit and after the visit.
  • A duel microphone-speaker system will be onsite to enhance audio clarity.
  • A glass window barrier will be between the visitor and the resident.
  • Staff will be present outside with the visitor at all times.
  • Staff will be present inside with the resident at all times.

Visits will be rotated to ensure each resident and up to two (2) of their family/resident representative/Power of Attorney/Guardians are allowed the opportunity to schedule a visit as equitably distributed as possible.

For additional information, please contact Jacqueline Woodward, Administrator, Cal Turner Rehab and Specialty Care at woodjh@mchealth.net, or via telephone (270) 622-2800.