Patient Story: Cheryl Warner

Cheryl Warner, a special lady in our community, dedicated her life to taking care of others.

When the company she worked for closed its doors, she found herself without medical insurance. To make ends meet, she took a minimum wage waitressing job but continued to go without insurance because she could not afford the coverage.

Cheryl had an active thyroid issue and was unable to pay for medicine to keep the problem under control. This was not a choice that she wanted to make, but one that she had to make financially. Shortly after stopping her medication, her face swelled to the extreme– it looked like she had been stung by bees.

Her daughter called several physicians’ offices but was not able to get in to see them. Cheryl felt desperate and wanted to give up. She had become extremely ill during this time and thought she might even die. She felt hopeless. With nowhere else to turn, Cheryl heard about the Community Clinic through a co-worker at the restaurant.

Cheryl felt relief during her first visit to the Clinic and started immediately receiving the care she needed. “Everyone at the Clinic is so compassionate and they truly make you feel at ease. They show you that they really care about you as a person and what you are going through. They give you back hope at a time when you need it.”