Hospitality House

The Hospitality House

Help someone stay close to their loved one

The Hospitality House was built by contributions from donors who believed in providing comfort to those who need a home while loved ones are receiving care in our hospitals. The annual cost of operating the House is approximately $250,000 per year. An endowment has been established to cover operational costs of the Hospitality House. With your help, this will be a reality for years to come.

The Hospitality House is located at 501 High Street, adjacent to The Medical Center. Tours are available on request by calling 270-780-2700.

When you make a gift to the Hospitality House Endowment, your donation is invested, allowing the principal to remain intact and grow over time. The original gift is never spent—a portion of the investment return is used to provide ongoing, permanent support.

Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by current law. The Foundation recommends that you check with your tax advisor as to the deductibility of your gift.

Major Donations* Made in 2020 to the Hospitality House

  • Dr. Darin and Rebecca Passer
  • Scott, Murphy & Daniel

*Major donations are $5K and greater.