Warren Society

Warren Society

The Warren Society is made up of leaders in our community who support the advancement of healthcare with a minimum cumulative commitment of $10,000. This may be fulfilled by one single payment, in annual payments over a period of five or less years, or a payment schedule that meets your specific request.  


  • Med Center Health Foundation extends special recognition to this distinguished group of caring citizens.
  • Recognition in various health system publications.
  • Recognition at an annual social event where new members will be honored and presented with a personal gift of appreciation.
  • Special invitation to Med Center Health and Med Center Health Foundation dedications, ribbon cuttings, open houses and other special events.

We are grateful for all the Warren Society members do in our community now and for future generations.

Warren Society Members

As of May 1, 2021

$500,000 – $1,000,000
Glenn Malchow, D.M.D.
Malchow Orthodontic Endowment Fund
The Estate of Bernard Young (d.)

$100,000 – $499,999
Jerry E. Baker (d.)
Carolyn Wolfe and James W. (d.) Brite, Sr.
John (d.) and Chris Desmarais
The Family of Dr. G.Y. Graves
Darlene and Jim Johnson
Linda and John Kelly
Patricia J. Mercer, M.D.
G. Michael and Mickeye Murphy
Cheri and Joe Natcher
Rita and Jim Scott
Herman (d.) and Lena (d.) Smith
Family Endowment
Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Soriano
Robert (d.) and Mary L. (d.) Tincher Foundation
Don Vitale
Shannon and Michael Vitale
Suzanne Vitale

$50,000 – $99,999
Drs. Faye Istanbooly and Ziad Al-Amiri
Covella H. Biggers
Donna Blackburn, Ph.D., RN and
Dr. John. (d.) Blackburn
Beth and David Bradford
Barbara (d.) and Kenneth Burch
Marthena R. Burr
Jean and Lee Cherry*
Beverly and Hoy Hodges
Dr. Eli and Kim (d.) Jackson
Sarah and Harvey Johnston
Bud Layne
Eva and Jim Martens
Dr. Juli and David McCay
Carol and Dan McIvor
Dr. Paul and Susan Moore*
Dr. Bill (d.) and Lou Moore
Ron and Dr. Debra Sowell*
Carrel K. (d.) and Clara M. Sumner

$25,000 – $49,999
Ellie and Chuck W. Adams
Ruthie Bale
Joyce and Claude Berry
Linda and B.J. (d.) Booth
Gail and Gary Broady
Lynda and David Broderick
The Buckberry Family
Regina and Ken Byrd
David Chandler
Dr. David and Robin Ciochetty
Anne and Jimmie Gipson
Kathy and Fred M. (d.) Higgins
Angela and Eric Hagan*
Melinda and Jeff Joyce*
Norma Jean and Bob Kirby
Betsy and John Kullman
Shelby G. and Charlie (d.) Moore
Cara and Bob Pitchford
Opal (d.) and Robert (d.) Proctor
Shirley and Hugh David Roe
Tracy and Eddie Scott*
Leisa and Steve Shirley
Colonel (d.) and Cora Jane (d.) Spiller
Jan and Buster Stewart
Melissa and Wade Stone*
Doris C. and Roger Thomas*
Dr. Joseph J. Zaydon

$10,000 – $24,999
Judy and Bob Armstrong
Margaret Baker and Matthew J. Baker*
F. Richard Ball
Drs. Marie Michelson and
Colonel James Beattie
Maribeth and Louis Berman
Dr. Mark and Kathryn Bigler
Cathy and Mike Bishop
Sandy and Thomas Boussard
Laura and Steven Bowra
Georgena Brackett*
Liz and Chris Bradley
Jo An Pearson Buck
Navada and Joe Campbell
Carole and John Chaney*
Dr. Joe (d.) and Nancy (d.) Cheek
Dr. Eduardo and Marilyn De Los Reyes
Mary Alice and Geoffrey W. Fields
Natalie and John Mark Fones*
Sandra and Gary Force
Judge and Mrs. William G. Fuqua
Kim and Greg Gay*
Gerri and Ken Glenn
Leo Govani
Robin and David Gray*
Dr. and Mrs. Ghayth Hammad
Carole and Norman Harned
Joyce and Tom Hart
Paula and Jimmy Hendrick
Jan and Bob (d.) Hensley
Laura and Bob Hilliard
Gayle E. Hooks
Dr. Michael Howell
Ruth and Larson Hudson
Susan and Gordon Jones
Shirley and Bill Kendall
Elise A. and Bill Konwiczka
Michele and Paul T. Lawless*
Tommy Loving and Eve Main
Dixie and Pete Mahurin
Emily and Ronnie Martin*
Sandy (d.) and Stanley Matthews
Julia and Mitchell McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Richard McGahan
Ann Mead
Jan and Dirk Miller
Judy and Currie Milliken
Shannan and Eddie Mills*
Chief Justice and Mrs. John D. Minton, Jr.
Sarah C. and Ronnie Moore
Dr. William and Sharon Moss
Dr. and Mrs. Narendra Nathoo*
Jane and John (d.) Newman
Kathy and Geoff Palmer
Dr. Darin and Rebecca Passer
Mr. and Mrs. Howell Patton III
Marilyn and Jerry Patton
Jill and Aaron Payne*
Julie and Gary Ransdell
Carla and Terry Reagan*
Honorable Jody and Neva Richards
Sarah and Bill Richey
Kathleen Riley*
The Family of Mrs. Margaret H. Ross (d.)
Peggy and Hugh Runner
Jolene and Butch Rush
Kathy Scariot
Christy and Brian Schuette
Jo and Jack (d.) Scott
Sue and Jim (d.) Secrest, Sr.
Terri and Steve Sheldon
Dr. Patricia G. Faulkner-Simmons and
Steve Simmons
Linda and Jim Skaggs
Kathy A. Smith*
Julie Spencer
Carole Steen
Barbara (d.) and Charles (d.) Stewart
Kendra and Steve Sutton
Sally Tanaro*
Cecilia and Kevin Thomas
Ferris Van Meter (d.)
Linda and James Vaughn
Mariano J. Vitale
Catherine and Dean Warren
Glenna and Johnny Webb
Carol (d.) and Denny Wedge
Julie Wedge
Minerva and Kevin Westray
Roland Willock
Teresa W. (d.) and Rick N. Wilson
Miki and David Wiseman
Cathey and Tony Witty
Jacqueline and Gary Alan (d.) Woodward*

*Med Center Health Employee
(d.) Deceased