Malchow Orthodontics Endowment Fund

Malchow Endowment Fund featured image

The Malchow Orthodontics Endowment Fund makes available quality orthodontic care for children of families with financial need residing in Warren and surrounding counties. Services will be provided by licensed orthodontists who maintain their principal office and place of practice in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The funding provided in this endowment will be used for an entire treatment plan of orthodontic care, including braces, for eligible patients. Med Center Health Foundation, specifically The Dental Clinic, will finalize a negotiated fee that is discounted from typical pricing for treatment plans for most local orthodontists.

The fund was made possible through a generous donation by Glenn Malchow, DMD. Dr. Malchow is a well-known orthodontist from Franklin, Ky., who practiced in Bowling Green for many years. “I have seen the need in our community first-hand,” Dr. Malchow said. “Giving children a good start for their dental care is incredibly important for their overall health. Bowling Green has been good to me and I want to give back by helping the children who need help the most.”