Make the Season Bright

The lit Christmas tree outdoors at Make The Season Bright.
A choir sings at Make The Season Bright.

For more than 25 years the Med Center Health Foundation’s Make the Season Bright Program has offered a unique way to honor someone special, while also supporting health-centered missions for those you may never meet. Your single gesture can have both meaning and impact.

How will the person I recognize know I have made a donation in their honor?

Once a donation is made, Med Center Health Foundation will mail acknowledgement cards to the donor that they may send to those they are recognizing.  Each donor will receive 5 cards at Poinsettia Level ($100), 3 cards at Silver Bells Level ($50), 2 cards at the Icicle Level ($25), and 1 card at the Mistletoe Level ($10). An e-card will also be available to send via email.

How will the donations be used?

Funds raised through light sales and sponsorships go to work immediately supporting the non-profit programs supported by Med Center Health Foundation.

Donations to Make the Season Bright in Bowling Green will support the Hospitality House, a “home-away-from home” that makes life better for so many families in our communities. Since opening in 2011, the Hospitality House has provided lodging for over 9,200 guests, totaling over 31,000 nights of stay. Guests have visited from 87 counties across Kentucky, 49 different states, and 6 countries. Your gift changes lives!

Make The Season Bright offers a simple and heartfelt way for you to reserve a light in Honor or Memory of someone special this holiday season. These lights are then displayed on the exterior of the Hospitality House through the end of the year.

Funds from the lighting events in Albany, Horse Cave (Caverna), Franklin and Scottsville will benefit Foundation initiatives in their respective communities.

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Make the Season Bright

Proud Participant


Cookies and Cocoa

  • The Vitale Family
    In memory of Scott Moore
    In honor of Connie Smith
  • The Event Kode

Jingle Bells

  • Deb DeVoursney
    In memory of Norm and Judy Rathbun

Season’s greetings

  • David Chandler
    In honor of Terry and Brenda Hale
  • Fab Fotos BG
  • Franklin Bank and Trust
  • Dr. Paul and Susan Moore
    In memory of Eugene Moore
  • Cheri and Joe Natcher
  • Sky Property Management

Making Spirits Bright

  • Tammy C. Bryant
  • Leslie and Ivan Carter
  • Chestnut Title
  • Ann Darmody
  • Brooke Schakat
    in honor of Haley Fuller, ER Nurse at MCH

In Memory

  • Judy Milliken
    Sue Stringer
    Rex and Ruth (Miller) Hale
    James and Mary (Elrod) Bunch
    Jim and Joneida Roberts
    Dickie Thomas
    Blakeley Hollinsworth
    Jaeley Elizabeth Hollinsworth
    by Abby Milliken
  • Hugh Wallace McCoy
    by Cristi Pruitt
  • Chester Way
    by Kathleen Way
  • Scott Moore
    Cooper Moore
    by The Vitale Family
  • My patients lost this year
    by Monica Blair
  • Mary Ruth Cross
    James Sherman Cross
    by Jetta Krantz
  • Shawn R. Bryant
    Myrtle Carson
    Lewis W. Carson
    Dorothy Bryant
    Dr. W.H. (Billy) Bryant
    Andrew Carson
    James Thomas
    Helen Thomas
    Patty Thomas Watts
    Billy W. Brown
    Billy Woodall
    Gladys Woodall
    Rev. Wayne Glass
    Virginia Crump
    Dr. Patricia Faulkner-Simmons
    by Tammy C. Bryant
  • Ralph Eugene Johnson
    by Romanza Johnson
  • Nana (Miriam)
    Leonard Gaskill (father)
    Sybil Brettwieser (mom)
    by Julie Gaskill, DDS
  • Ron Nauman
    by Marsha and Nick Nauman
  • Dr. John Blackburn
    by Donna Blackburn
  • Charles Moore, Jr.
    Patricia Bollinger
    by Shelby G. Moore
  • Tom and Sandra Jury
    by Amanda Jury
  • James H. Lucas
    by Mary M. Lucas
  • Wendell and Faye Embry
    by Sherry Johnson
  • Ann Nealy
    by Debbie Shoulders
  • Janice Geis
    by Daniel Geis
  • Charles Moore, Jr.
    by Hollie Sowell
  • Eugene Moore
    Jim and Shirley Greenheck
    by Dr. Paul and Susan Moore
  • Raymond Davidson
    by Mrs. Elizabeth Holland
  • Jean Lockhart
    by Jim Lockhart
  • Larry Dell Lawrence
    by Janell Lawrence
  • Aleta Foster
    by Betty Jean Cooksey
  • Landon West
    by Bill West
  • J.T. Barnett
    by Marcina Barnett
  • Tom Tom Shumate
    Randy East
    Bruce Graham
    by Tammy Graham
  • Clyde Owens
    by Sharon Moss
  • Kaye Stone
    by Wade and Melissa Stone
  • Bernie Tamme
    Eunice Bowlin
    Frances Raymer
    Leon Cummins
    Tysh Forte
    Bruch Graham
    Jeff Neal
    Cheryl Stevens
    Lovelia Clayton
    by Connie Smith
  • Wilson Hourigan
    by Willard and Mary Ann Cole
  • Effie Forte
    by Thomas Forte
  • Carneda Robinson
    by Janet Robinson
  • Glen Akin
    Jerry Akin
    Tommy Akin
    by Cara-Leta Lindsey
  • Basil and Lucy Griffin
    by Nita Jaynes
  • Roger Miller
    Jerry Martin
    by Jessica Carver
  • Cheryl Stevens
    Barbara Cowles
    by Michael Cowles
  • Norm and Judy Rathbun
    by Deb DeVoursney
  • Fran Sowell
    Betty Ralston
    by Kellie Crawford
  • Tom and Janice Reagan
    by Carla Reagan
  • DC Morris
    by Sandy Hartley
  • Huenefeld Family
    by Sarah Cherry
  • Sherman Runner
    by Lou-Anne Runner
  • Betty Ralston
    Fran Sowell
    by Dr. Debbie and Ron Sowell
  • Michael Kitchens
    by Martha Floyd Kitchens
  • Bobby King
    by Doris King
  • James J. Weber
    by Donna Sue Weber
  • Lindsey House
    by Patsy Kirby
  • Andrea Marie Hall
    by Dan and Kathy Hall
  • Randy Gill
    by Glenda Gill
  • Leon R. Cummins
    by Dorothy G. Cummins
  • Carolyn S. Hogan
    by Demetria Adams
  • Mary Stroznas
    Catherina Tinius
    by Katy and Joe Tinius
  • Ralph and Joan Baker
    by Beverly Hodges
  • Aubrey Willard Pearson
    Kenneth R. Pearson
    by Faye Pearson
  • Kim Jackson
    by Dr. Eli Jackson
  • Susan Oliphant
    by Chere Evans
  • Roy M. Forbes
    by Linda S. Forbes
  • Bob Darmody
    by Ann Darmody
  • Katherine Noel Holmes
    Chas and Wyatt Goshorn
  • Jimmy Alvarez
    by Fabian Alvarez
  • Benton Page
    Will Mallory
    Henry Page
    Virginia Forrest Moran
    Victor Lee Page
    Dena Lacefield Wingard
    Ashley Voyles Burt
    by Amy Page
  • David Yopp
    Linda Boink
    Pam Reichelt
    by Amy, Mike and JW Hardin
  • Donald McCormick
    by Sharon Sewell
  • Willie Moreland
    Jeff Neal
    Harriet Downing
    Billie K. Smith
    Johnny Moreland
    Danny Turner
    Syl Cherry
    Pat Hildreth
    Andy Wilkins
    Jimmie Gipson
    Linda Allison
    Mike Salsman
    Donna Kinzer
    Emma Jean Kirby
    Richard Markham
    Suel and Dolly Brown
    Harold Stahl
    Ivan Ted Linhardt
    Pat Hewitt
    Dan Riley
    Bill Austin
    Minnie Swack
    James Everett Bohannon
    Doris Beller
    Julianne Owen
    Teresa Mayes
    Ruby Jane Grise
    Ann Lucas Marshall
    Vernon Hall
    Oscar Groce
    Jackie Gregory
    Dr. Cheryl Stevens
    Casey Ramser
    Bob Hancock
    Jimmy Parrish
    Tiffany Ranburger
    Leisa Gaile Watt
    Lillian Ashby
    by Cheri and Joe Natcher

In Honor

  • Wes Milliken
    David Chandler
    Terry Hale
    Brenda Hale
    Christy Roberts
    Parker Thomas
    by Abby Milliken
  • Terry and Brenda Hale
    by David Chandler
  • Patricia Pannell
    by Bill Pannell
  • Connie Smith
    Cheri Natcher
    by The Vitale Family
  • My patients
    by Monica Blair
  • Ronnie Bowlin
    by Tammy Graham
  • Gail Manning
    by Brenda and Steve Thurmond
  • Dot Josephson
    Linnie Level
    by Connie Smith
  • Thaddeus Fitzgerald Porter
    by Lindsay Porter
  • Haley Fuller, ER Nurse at MCH
    by Brooke Schakat
  • Joe and Cheri Natcher
    by Natch DeVoursney
  • Elaine Donnelly
    by Molly Brown
  • Steve Garden and Groovy Gus
    by Hospitality House staff
  • Crissy Willis
    by David Gray
  • Carla Reagan and HH Staff
    by Terry Reagan
  • Larry Simmons
    by Dianna Jones
  • Virginia Darmody
    by Ann Darmody
  • The Staff at The Medical Center at Franklin
    by Annette Runyon
  • Amy H. Combs
    Amanda Lich
    Jessica Carver
    Kristen and Doug Ames
    Krista Steenbergen
    Kerra Ogden
    Leslie Bedo Carter
    Rachel D. Riddell
    Karl Miller-Lugo
    Dennis Chaney
    Tiffany Miller
    Ashley and Cody Conner
    Cayla Rios
    Maggie Tidwell
    Brandi West
    W. Key Holleman
    by Amy C. Hardin
  • Connie Smith
    Katrina Wood
    Christa Atkins
    Annette Runyon
    by Cheri and Joe Natcher

In Celebration

  • The Milliken Sisters
    Marriage of Amy and David
    The Hale Family
    Christy, Parker, and Lindsay
    Parker and Lindsay
    by Abby Milliken