The need in our community is great. There has not been a more important time than now to give to others. The transformation of lives because of your support is immeasurable. By working together, we can all make a difference – not just for today, but for generations to come.

What your contributions pay for

The Community Clinic and The Dental Clinic

  • $50 covers the cost of a mammogram, four individual chest x-rays, colonoscopy procedure, or dental oral surgery consultation
  • $100 covers four patients’ lab appointment costs or one child for pediatric dentist consultation
  • $300 covers chest x-ray series, specialized labs done at hospital, or oral surgery biopsy
  • $500 covers breast biopsy, full dentures, or spinal x-ray series

The Medical Center Cancer Treatment Center

Your gift provides transportation for Cancer patients so they can receive their treatments.  Medications are not covered by all insurance providers and therefore, your gift also allows us to make sure they get the medications they need for a successful outcome.  Lung screenings are also provided at no cost to those who would not be able to afford these on their own.  Cancer touches all of us at some time during our lifetime.  Please let others know someone cares about them at a time when there is only hope.

Hospitality House

Providing a “home-away-from-home” for families is a blessing to many in our community. The Hospitality House Endowment ensures the operational expenses of the home in perpetuity. The fair market value of a room night is $50 per night.

the Medical Center-WKU Health Sciences Complex Simulation Lab

Now is the time to build a legacy of education and development through an endowment for the Center of Excellence in Research and Development.  The Center will support innovation and product development as well as advanced knowledge in patient care.  Be the change!

Typical Costs of Services

  • Average cost of a Guardian Angel dental patient = $500
  • Average cost of a referral for additional medical services = $600
  • Average cost of a referral for additional dental services = $300
  • Average cost of prescriptions = $100