Guardian Angel Program eases worry for the Traughbers

Meet the Traughbers. Matt, Samantha, Matthew, Hailey and Katelyn represent many typical families who live and work in this area. Both parents work outside of the home to support school aged children, pay their bills, put food on the table, and take care of their family’s health needs.

Matthew and Hailey (front row) were born with Type I Diabetes.  With newer technologies available, both children have learned to keep their condition under control by making good food choices and use of insulin pumps that deliver accurate doses of medicine when needed. Because of the high monthly cost of their treatment, the Traughbers thankfully qualified for financial assistance through state programs, until the children’s ages made them no longer eligible for support.

When the cut in financial support came suddenly in 2017, Samantha called the Community Clinic looking for temporary resources for her family and was told that many companies offer financial assistance to the patient directly.  It was also mentioned that the clinic’s Guardian Angel Program could help with the upcoming costs until those arrangements could be put into place. Now enrolled in a patient assistance program that helps with their diabetic needs, the Traughber family’s monthly costs have been made affordable again. 

The Traughber Family
The Traughber family.