Patient Story: Naomi Richardson

Naomi Richardson, a mother of two teenagers, works 40 hours per week. She woke up one morning and her entire left side of her face was swollen. Taking care of a family as a single mother can be very challenging, and she had very little saved for such an emergency like this one.

Her tooth chipped off which was very painful and caused trouble breathing as it continued to swell. Naomi is one of many in our community who works really hard and yet cannot afford the dental services she required.

Naomi is very thankful for The Dental Clinic and their services to help her get the care she needed. “Just because someone needs help, may be down on their job, or needs that extra push, we never know when something like this might happen to any one of us. Money isn’t everything, but we have to have it,” states Naomi. “A lot of folks may never have to go through this, but it humbles you when you do.”

Life is full of surprises that many of us may not be fully prepared for when it does happen. The Dental Clinic provides discounted dental services to those who do not have private pay dental insurance. Basic care services such as extractions, fillings and annual cleanings are provided by appointment only.

The Dental Clinic continues to operate from donations made by those in our community who continue to do the right thing to help so many in need.