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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital different than a traditional hospital?

Traditional hospitals stabilize patients with acute medical problems. Most patients who are admitted to traditional hospitals do not need to stay in the hospital for an extended amount of time. However, some patients need an extended stay in order to recover. Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital is a licensed long-term acute care hospital (LTAC or LTACH). Long-term acute care hospitals specialize in the management of complex medical issues and are designed for patients needing a longer recovery. LTACHs can accept patients directly from an Intensive Care or Critical Care unit at a traditional hospital.

What is the difference between Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital and a rehabilitation hospital or nursing facility?

Long-term acute care hospitals offer many of the same services as the traditional acute care hospital but are designed for patients needing that hospital level of care for an extended amount of time. At Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital, patients have daily physician oversight and access to consulting specialists for their specific health needs and conditions. Skilled Nursing Facilities and Inpatient Rehab facilities do not have daily physician visits. Typically, if a patient is transferred to an LTACH, he/she is not quite ready for a Skilled Nursing Facility or Inpatient Rehab Facility and is still requiring 24 hour nursing care, respiratory care, and physician management. The LTACH can provide these services until the patient is ready for a lower level of care.

How does the admission process work?

Patient referrals are typically received from a referring hospital. Our R.N. Case Manager will then assess the patient for Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) criteria. The patient’s insurance will be verified to be sure that Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital is in network. If the patient meets LTACH criteria, our R.N. Case Manager will submit to insurance for an insurance preauthorization approval for admission if necessary.

Referrals can be sent to our Case Manager via fax at (270) 796-6247.

Will my insurance cover treatment at Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital?

Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital is in network with many commercial, Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and Medicare Advantage Plans, as well as traditional Medicare and Kentucky Medicaid. Commonwealth Regional Hospital verifies that we are in the patient’s insurance plan network prior to submitting for preauthorization for admission. If the preauthorization is approved, the insurance has agreed that the patient meets medical necessity for the Long-term Acute Care Hospital. The insurance will receive weekly clinical updates on the patient’s progress and continue recertification of coverage throughout the patient’s stay.