For Families

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your visitation hours?

We currently do not have scheduled visitation hours, and allow visitors at all times. However, we do ask that visitors take into consideration the patient’s health status and need for rest; therefore, visitation is reviewed and evaluated by staff. Depending on the situation, staff can restrict visitation should the situation warrant.

Are there any visitation restrictions?

For visitation restrictions at Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital and other Med Center Health facilities, visit

Can family members stay in the patient’s room overnight?

Yes, typically we allow one (1) family member to stay at bedside overnight; however, we review each situation on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the patient’s health status and medical needs. In addition, family members or caregivers may qualify to stay free-of-charge at the Hospitality House located on the campus of The Medical Center. To learn more, speak to the patient’s nurse or social worker.

How do I contact the patient or the patient’s nurse if I would like to check on them?

You may call (270) 796-6200 and ask for the patient’s nurse. To call the patient’s room directly, you may call (270) 796-62(room number). For example, if the patient’s room number is CSH02, then the telephone number would be (270) 796-6202.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the patient’s quality of care?

If you have questions or concerns about the patient’s quality of care, you may contact Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital Administration by calling (270) 796-6200 and requesting to speak with the Director of Patient Care Services and/or the Hospital Administrator.

Sherry DeWeese preparing delicious food for our visitors and patients.