Senior Perspectives

As we grow older, we all experience changes in our lives. These changes may include the loss of a spouse, family members, or friends. We may have physical decline, loss of mobility, or independence. We can become overwhelmed, and develop serious emotional health issues.

Senior Perspectives is an outpatient program for older adults who qualify for Medicare Part B. We offer nursing education and help with medication management. Through group, individual, and family therapy, participants gain insight into their struggles. They learn effective ways of coping.

The outpatient option allows seniors to receive intensive treatment and avoid going to the hospital. Senior Perspectives is available for older adults living within a 40-mile radius of Hart County. Handicap-accessible transportation can be arranged by Senior Perspective staff.

If you are an elder struggling with depression or anxiety, schedule a confidential assessment. This free consultation is by a qualified mental health professional at your convenience and where you live.

To learn more about Senior Perspectives, call (270) 786-3031.

Help is available for seniors facing emotional issues. Med Center Health Senior Perspectives.