Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists specialize in caring patients in the hospital. They care for patients of local physicians who limit their practices to outpatient medicine. They also care for patients with out-of-town physicians, and patients without a primary care physician.

What are hospitalists?

Hospitalists are doctors who devote their practice to the specialized care of hospitalized patients. They are trained in Family Practice, General Medicine, Geriatrics, or Internal Medicine. The hospitalist closely monitors your progress, and stays in close touch with you, your family and your doctor.

How does the hospitalist program work?

The hospitalist will arrange for any prescriptions you may need upon discharge from the hospital. You will be given instructions regarding follow-up appointments with your primary care doctor or other doctors. Your hospital records will be in your primary care doctor’s hands well before your first follow-up visit.

How does the hospitalist know about me?

At the time of your admission, your primary care doctor calls the hospitalist. He or she also sends records to provide information about your illness. This is similar to when your doctor refers you to a specialist.