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Financial Assistance
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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance with a Hospital Bill

If you received a bill for eligible care at a Med Center Health Hospital, you may be entitled to several different forms of assistance.

Uninsured or Self-pay Discounts

All self-pay patients receiving care at a Med Center Health hospital are automatically entitled to a 40% discount. You may also be eligible for a 10% Quick Pay Discount. For additional details on these discounts, you can visit our Self Pay page.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans with 0% interest and no fees to you. Please visit our Payment Plan page for additional details.

Financial Assistance

If your household income is less than or equal 400% of the federal poverty limit, you may be eligible for Financial Assistance. Those with household incomes less than or equal to 200% of this limit may be eligible for 100% discounts of their bill. Patients with household incomes between 201% and 300% of the federal poverty limit may be eligible for a 50% discount, and those with household incomes between 301% and 400% may be eligible for a 25% discount. Please see our policies below for full details or contact a Customer Service representative.

Amount Generally Billed

Med Center Health uses the “look-back” method to calculate the amount generally billed (AGB) as required by federal law. The AGB is the maximum amount we will collect from a patient who is eligible for Financial Assistance under our Financial Assistance Policy. The AGB percentage is based on all claims allowed by Medicare fee for service and private health insurers over a 12-month period divided by the associated gross charges for those claims. The following is percentages were calculated on this basis for the time period of October 2022 through September 2023 for each of our hospitals. If you have any questions or wish to speak with us about this policy, please contact us at the Customer Service contact information at the bottom of this page.

  • The Medical Center at Albany AGB percentage is 26.7%.
  • The Medical Center at Bowling Green AGB percentage is 27.9%.
  • The Medical Center at Caverna AGB percentage is 40.9%.
  • The Medical Center at Franklin AGB percentage is 35.8%.
  • The Medical Center at Scottsville AGB percentage is 35.9%.
  • Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital AGB percentage is 29.2%.

How to apply for financial assistance:

You may print the application forms below to complete them and mail with the required documentation as outlined in the forms. You may also drop them off in person at the address below. Also, if you want assistance in completing them, contact Customer Service.

Customer Service
270-745-1100 or 800-786-1581
800 Park Street
PO Box 9577
Bowling Green, KY 42102-9577

Financial Assistance Application – Hospital (English)

Financial Assistance Application – Hospital (Bosnian)

Financial Assistance Application – Hospital (Burmese)

Financial Assistance Application – Hospital (Spanish)

Financial Assistance Application – Hospital (Swahili)