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Billing Policies
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Billing Policies

Commercial insurance policies

We bill all carriers for inpatient and outpatient services.

Complete billing information required by the carrier or employer must be provided at the time of registration or admission. Any bill unpaid after 60 days may become the patient’s responsibility. If your bill is the result of an accident/injury caused by someone else, remember that disputes between you and others do not involve your health care provider.

What to expect if you have insurance

CFR will bill all insurance based on the information you provided at registration. The primary insurance will be billed first, then any secondary insurance. You are responsible for charges your insurance does not pay.

If your insurance carrier does not respond to our inquiries, you may receive a request for you to contact your insurance company. In those rare instances when your insurance refuses to respond to our requests, we may be forced to look to you for payment and you will be expected to deal directly with your insurance company.

Once your insurance carriers process your claim and notify us, we will send you a statement showing the amount your insurance carriers have told us you should pay.

Approximately 18 days later we will send you a reminder and ask you to pay within the next 20 days (about 38 days after you are notified of the amount due).

Liability & Motor Vehicle Claims

If contact information is provided at the time of service, we will bill liability insurance carriers. If there is no response, we will bill your medical insurance carrier. Your account will then follow normal payment policies.