Information for Faculty & Staff

WKU Health Services offers a wide range of services designed to work with the WKU health plan and support the wellness of faculty, staff and covered dependents. 


WKU Health Services is open 8 am – 6 pm Monday – Thursday and 8 am – 4:30 pm on Fridays. If you are not feeling well or you need to see a healthcare provider, simply call (270) 745-CARE (2273) to make an appointment during this time. 

You will need your driver’s license or other official form of ID and your insurance card at the time of your appointment. Insurance is not required to be seen by a healthcare provider.

We are located on the Bowling Green campus, next door to Jody Richards Hall and across the street from Gary Ransdell Hall. The closest Topper Transit stop is at Gary Ransdell Hall. We also have a parking lot where you may park for free while you are seeing a healthcare provider.


If you are having a physical or mental emergency, you should always call 911, no matter what time of day or night. You may also call or text the Suicide Hotline at 988. There is no shame in asking for help! 

The Medical Center at Bowling Green Emergency Department is a short drive away from campus for emergencies after hours. If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately.

If you are sick or need to see a healthcare provider during weekends or during times WKU Health Services is not open, Medical Center Urgentcare is open everyday from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. Located at 291 New Towne Drive off Lover’s Lane in Bowling Green, you may access Medical Center Urgentcare by car or via the GO BG Transit System.


We know you have lots of questions, and we are here to help. 

I am having a crisis or I don’t feel safe. Who do I call?

Any time you feel your life is in danger or your safety is in question, you should call 911. The WKU Police are located on campus and will immediately respond. If you are having a mental health crisis, you may also call or text 988 from your cell phone. 

What services can I access at WKU Health Services?

Please visit our Services Page or a complete listing of services. If a service you need is not offered, Med Center Health offers a comprehensive list of specialty providers nearby or in accordance with your WKU health plan.

I take allergy shots. Can I get those at WKU Health Services?

Yes. WKU Health Services can administer your allergy shots. Please call (270) 745-CARE to make arrangements.

I need an immunization. Can I get it at WKU Health Services?

Yes, WKU Health Services offers a range of immunizations needed for study abroad, student teaching, healthcare clinicals, or for things like influenza, HPV or COVID-19.  Please call (270) 745-CARE to make an appointment for an immunization.

Will I have a copay at WKU Health Services?

Most health insurances have a copay responsibility that is collected at the time of service. WKU Health Services staff will help determine if one is required and in what amount.

Does WKU Health Services offer free or reduced-cost services for faculty and staff?

Med Center Health at WKU Health Services has established a self-pay fee scale for most of the regular service we expect patients to request that does offer some discounts.

How will WKU Health Services handle referrals to specialists?

Med Center Health at WKU Health Services staff is happy to help coordinate specialist referrals as they arise.  Med Center Health maintains a comprehensive network of specialists ready to serve you. As always, if patients have a physician preference who is not part of the Med Center Health network, the staff will also assist with these referrals. 

Do I have to be an established patient with Med Center Health to use WKU Health Services?

You may have your medical records transferred over to Med Center Health by completing the Medical Release Form.  You may also request your medical records from your existing provider and you may send them to WKU Health Services.

Does WKU Health Services by Med Center Health offer a patient portal?

Yes. The MyRecord Patient Portal offers access to your medical records, testing and more. You must first see a Med Center Health provider (at any physician practice, or at any Med Center Health facility) before you can set up your MyRecord account. Once you account is set up, you may access your MyRecord account via the mHealth mobile app or online.

Will WKU Health Services by Med Center Health continue to conduct annual biometric screenings and participate in WKU Vitality programs?

Yes, services such as the annual biometric screenings and wellness programs such as Vitality will continue to be overseen by WKU Human Resources.

Can I bring my family (covered dependents) to WKU Health Services?

Yes! WKU Health Services will be staffed with providers who are able to care for your whole family.

What are my payment options at WKU Health Services?

Med Center Health at WKU Health Services is in network with all major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. If there is an out-of-network patient responsibility, the self-pay discount fee schedule can be used.

WKU Health Services allows patients the option to pay in cash for services rendered at our clinic as opposed to billing those services to insurance.

Where can I pay my bill?

Please visit Commonwealth Financial Resources for information on how to pay your WKU Health Services bill.