Service Milestones January – February 2021

This special section of MCH Life recognizes 126 individuals who, during January and February of 2021, reached a service milestone of five or more consecutive years of service at Med Center Health. Added together, this represents 1,085 years of service!

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45 Years

40 Years

30 Years

Gary Madison
Medical Center EMS

Watheta Wynn
MCBG Cath Lab

Pam Lindsey
Commonwealth Financial Resources

25 Years

Eric Hagan

Christina Jones
MCBG Laboratory

Garry Ragland
Information Technology

Lisette Wash
MCS Pharmacy

20 Years

Kathy Blankenship
MCH Heart, Lung & Vascular Surgeons

Donnie Bush
MCBG Environmental Services

Chris Cox
MCBG Engineering

Sonya Creek
Commonwealth Financial Resources

Leesia Givens
MCBG C.T. Scan

Jill Herston

Katina Howard
MCBG Respiratory Care

Janet Johnson
MCBG Outpatient Recovery

Joni Lindsey
MCBG Postpartum Unit

Misty Mason

15 Years

Millie Caffey — MCBG Nursing Administration
Cindy Church — MCBG Home Care Program
Jamie Griffiths — MCBG 5C Medical/Surgical
Lisa Hardison — Rehab Services
Eric Lacer — Security
Lynn Matthews — CRSH Acute Care
Allison Vincent — MCF Acute Care
Christine Voigt — Purchasing
Brandy Wooldridge — MCBG Surgery

10 Years

Lindsey Adwell — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Monique Carver — MCBG Behavioral Health Services
Heather Finney — Women’s Health Specialists
Rachel Garrison — MCBG Postpartum Unit
Kim Gillett — MCBG Ultrasound
Alma Kavazovic — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Danielle Lindsey — MCBG 3B
Lauren Potts — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Annette Robertson — MCBG 4D
Adam Sadler — Hospitality House
Mike Schlabach — MCBG Emergency Department
Andrew Shouse — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Dana Swain — MCBG Central Transport
Sandra Whitney — Fountain Run Rural Health Clinic
Leslie Williams — Scottsville Rural Health Clinic
Victoria Wright — Neuroscience Services

5 Years

Alan Alexander — Administration
Ashlynn Anderson — MCBG 5A/5B
Renee Barbalas — MCBG Surgery
Garry Barnett, Jr. — MCBG Central Transport
Caleb Benningfield — MCBG Pharmacy
Lois Bergenson — MCC Emergency Department
Amy Berry — MCBG Endoscopy
Denise Bradley — MCC Ambulatory Services
Baxter Brown — MCC Pharmacy
Tricia Brown — MCC Senior Care
Jenny Bryant — MCC Acute Care
Swaranjit Chani, M.D. — Caverna Primary Care
Amy Chapman — MCC Patient Registration
Lori Chapman — MCC Emergency Department
Wesley Childress — MCBG Surgery
Sandy Clark — MCC Environmental Services
Sheila Crain — Caverna Primary Care
Kate Croxton — Rehab Services
Karen Dilley — MCC Respiratory Care
Paige Dodson — MCBG Social Services
Lori Dunagan — MCBG HIM
Sandy Duncan — MCC Acute Care
Sheila England — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Kendell Ford — MCC Senior Care
Donna Gammon — MCF Environmental Services
Kyle Gardner — MCBG Cafeteria Services
Jill Gibson — Munfordville Primary Care
Cym Hafley — Center Care
Donna Hammer — MCS Social Services
Pandora Harper — Rehab Services
Donna Hatcher — MCC Business Office
Melisa Hatcher — MCC Radiology
Courtney Hawk — MCC Emergency Department
Lindsey Hickerson — Munfordville Primary Care
Marilyn Holley — MCC Respiratory Care
Carol Johnson — MCC Laboratory
Lindsey Johnson — Rehab Services
Leslie Jones — MCC Emergency Department
Bethany King — MCBG 4A
Lee Ann Lawler — MCC Emergency Department
Emily Layton — MCC Acute Care
Evelyn Libe — MCC Senior Care
Brad Lowe — Information Technology
Linda Mathews — MCBG Central Transport
Debbie Maxwell — MCBG Environmental Services
Brooke McCain — MCC Patient Registration
Kim McCarty — MCBG Emergency Department
Cheri McMullen — MCBG HIM
Scott Meredith — MCC Respiratory Care
Linda Meredith — MCC Acute Care
Britt Miller — MCBG Patient Registration
Dale Minor — MCC Engineering
Brianna Morris — MCBG HIM
Nicole Naseef — MCC Laboratory
Fatima Nezirevic — MCBG Surgery
Lisa Pannell — Munfordville Primary Care
Tammy Pannell — MCBG HIM
Sandra Parker — MCC Acute Care
Autumn Phill — CRSH Acute Care
David Puckett — MCC Engineering
Pamela Rich — MCC Laboratory
Latise Riddle — MCBG Behavioral Health Services
Melissa Rodgers — MCC Acute Care
Michelle Rothman — MCC Radiology
Amber Sexton — Patient Financial Assistance
Tara Shimp — Munfordville Primary Care
Shannon Shirley — Scottsville Rural Health Clinic
Tiffany Smith — MCC Nursing Administration
Kayla Stillwell — MCBG Emergency Department
Tricia Thompson — Caverna Primary Care
Melanie Tooley — MCC Emergency Department
Stacy Trowbridge — MCC Radiology
Stacy Vance — MCBG 5A/5B
Stacy Walker — Engineering
Brock Ward — Rehab Services
Sarah Weber — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Jessica White — MCBG Labor & Delivery Unit
Mary Rose Wiggins — MCC Acute Care
Teresa Wilkerson — MCC Food Services
Heather Williamson — Munfordville Primary Care
Karen Wilson — MCC Emergency Department
Leslie Wilson — MCBG HIM
Melissa Wilson — MCC Environmental Services
Tiffany Woodard — MCC Material Distribution
Trisha Wright — MCC Laboratory
Neda Yeager — MCC Laboratory
Jackie York — MCBG 4B