Service Milestones January – February 2022

This special section of MCH Life recognizes 76 individuals who, during January and February 2022, reached a service milestone of five or more consecutive years of service at Med Center Health. Added together, this represents 815 years of service!

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40 Years

Jim Berry
Medical Center EMS

35 Years

Carolyn Mitchell
MCBG Environmental Services

30 Years

Keven Srygler
MCBG Laboratory

25 Years

Angela Bryant
Human Resources
David Duncan
Medical Center EMS
Teresa Johnson
MCBG Radiology
Chris Reynolds
Information Technology

20 Years

Don Brod
Medical Center EMS
Timothy Clark, II
Information Technology
Traci Duff

15 Years

Conetta Autry — CRSH Acute Care
Latonya Carter — MCBG Home Care Program
Dana Cowles — MCBG Postpartum Unit
Brian Deweese — MCBG Respiratory Care
Annette Donnelly — MCBG ICU Adult Medical Intensive Care Unit
Marie Kinser — CRSH Acute Care
Jennifer Lang — Rehab Services
Alison Lewis — Rehab Services
April Lindsey — MCBG Nursing Administration
Deborah Mann — Barren River Adult Day Care Center
Denise Martell — MCBG CSR
Wanda Meadors — Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care
Joe Rush — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Sandra Whobrey — MCBG CSR

10 Years

Jennifer Allen — Medical Center EMS
Jake Bullock — MCBG Emergency Department
David Cook — Barren River Regional Cancer Center
Taylor Duke — MCF Emergency Department
Linda Freas — MCBG 5A/5B Advanced Heart Care
Jan Funk — MCBG Behavioral Health Services
Amy Graves — MCBG Labor & Delivery Unit
Jon Gregory — MCBG Surgery
Valerie Macey — MCF Environmental Services
Edward Moss — Medical Center EMS
Johnathan Overton — MCBG Laboratory
Sarah Rogers — MCBG Radiation Oncology
Hannah Stevenson — MCBG Surgery
Sara Wade — Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care
Bethany Wheat — MCS Acute Care
Latoya Whitney — MCBG 3D Ortho/Neuro

5 Years

Monica Angell — MCBG Food Service
Monica Blair — MCH Primary Care Franklin
Amy Brooks — MCBG Radiology
Angela Bucklew — MCBG NICU
Jamie Cannon — MCBG CCU Coronary Care Unit
Candy Carter — MCBG 4B Adult Medical Stroke Care/Neurological Service Unit
Zack Cauley — MCBG Surgery
Jenna Centers — Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care
Whitney Curry — School-Based Healthcare
Nancy Dorris — MCF Environmental Services
LaTonya France — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Haley Fuller — MCBG Emergency Department
Karen Gibson — MCBG Pharmacy
Elvedina Hasanovic — MCBG CSR
Jennifer Jaggers — MCBG 3B Pulmonary/Progressive Care Unit
Cassie Jessie — MCBG Postpartum Unit
Laura Johnson — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Leslie Martin — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Devin Nicholas — MCBG Food Service
Jessica Orlando — Primary Care Fountain Run
Timothy Owensby — Rehab Services
Chris Pearson — MCBG Pharmacy
Lacey Phelps — MCF Outpatient Chemotherapy
Hannah Reckart — MCBG ICU Adult Medical Intensive Care Unit
Micki Robinson Piper — MCBG Cafeteria Services
Nick Rouse — MCBG 5A/5B Advanced Heart Care
Sarah Steele — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Brianna Stephens — MCBG Radiology Nursing
Andrea Tannehill — Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging
Whitney Thompson — MCBG Labor & Delivery Unit
Misty Thurman — MCA Acute Care
Linda Vincent — MCBG MRI
Stephanie West — MCBG 4B Adult Medical Stroke Care/Neurological Service Unit
Chelsea Williams — MCBG CCU Coronary Care Unit
Andrew Wilson — MCBG Laboratory
Laurie Wright — MCBG Charge Audit