Service Milestones September – October 2020

This special section of MCH Life recognizes 80 individuals who, during September and October 2020, reached a service milestone of five or more consecutive years of service at Med Center Health. Added together, this represents 1,090 years of service!

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45 Years

40 Years

Ann Jeffries
MCBG Labor & Delivery Unit

Jeff Lindsey
MCBG Material Distribution

Marcia Towe
Commonwealth Financial Resources

35 Years

30 Years

Doris Thomas

Barry Cowles
MCBG Surgery

Don Johnson
MCH Heart, Lung & Vascular Surgeons

25 Years

Angela Alexander
MCBG Radiology

Marti Gatewood
Center Care

Jennifer Hill

Sarah Johnson
MCBG Engineering

Teddi Moore
MCBG Care Coordination

Ricky Osborne
Information Technology

Alma Rigsby
MCBG Food Service

David Smith
MCS Education & Development

20 Years

Billy Baker
MCBG Auto Services

Christie Bumpus
MCBG Nursery

Leonetta Cook
Caverna Rural Health Clinic

Michael Cosby
MCBG Material Distribution

Lindsay Pendleton
Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging

Kimberly Skipworth
MCBG Nursing Administration

15 Years

Velda Bradshaw — MCBG Sleep Center
Tammy Childress — MCBG Care Coordination
Kristy England — Home Care Program
Ashley Fishburn — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Carol Hathaway — MCBG Utilization Mgmt/Review
Heather Hays — Hillcrest Credit Agency
Brandon Johnson — Hillcrest Credit Agency
Stephanie McFadden — MCBG 4B Stroke Care/Neurological Service Unit
Karen Meador — MCBG HIM
Tammie Nichols — MCS Acute Care
Lori Racel — Center Care
Kimmy Rheaume — Medical Center EMS
Charlie Rose — MCBG ICU
Elizabeth Shockley — Barren River Adult Day Care
Thomas Shoemake — MCBG Food Service
Tracy Tabor — MCS Nursing Administration
Nathan Tapp — MCBG Cath Lab
Vanna Trinh — MCBG Cardiac Rehab
Karen Ward — MCBG Respiratory Care

10 Years

Julie Allen — Med Center Health ENT
Viktor Dudaric — MCBG Engineering
Julie Eaton — Administration
Larah Eldridge — Center Care
Debbie Frye — Med Center Health ENT
Jennifer Henderson — MCBG CSR
Sherri Newman — Medical Center Urgentcare
Beau Nicewinter — Medical Center EMS
Ellen Quick — MCBG CSR
Shellie Scott — Hillcrest Credit Agency
Hugh Sims, III, M.D. — Med Center Health ENT
Ginger Witherspoon — MCBG Anesthesiology

5 Years

Elaine Alvarez Pichardo, M.D. — Med Center Health Primary Care
Havka Avdic — MCBG Emergency Department
Chris Brice — Rehab Services
Carrie Burgett — MCBG Outpatient Recovery
Asa Cornelius — MCBG Nursing Resource Team
Rima Desai, M.D. — Med Center Health Primary Care
Lee Embry — MCBG Surgery
Angela Felts — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Keri Gipson — MCF Food Service
Ashley Hardy — MCBG Radiology Nursing
Nate Harlan — Home Care Program
Lisa Hensel — CRSH Acute Care
Cody Ingram — Medical Center EMS
Myesha Johnson — MCBG Food Service
Kasi Lancaster — Rehab Services
Melissa Lindsey — MCS Emergency Department
Miranda McDonald — MCBG Surgery
Sandy Mitchell — MCBG Laboratory
Joshua Nagode — Rehab Services
Vineet Patel — Information Technology
William Phillips — Hospitality House
Diane Salloum — MCBG Patient Registration
Sarah Saysanavong — MCBG 4C Oncology
Danny Shadwell, Jr. — Quicksilver Courier/Messenger
Carrie Sheppard — MCBG Surgery
Debbie Smith — MCBG Patient Registration
Kelly Smith — MCBG ICU
Erica Thetford — MCBG Laboratory
Kaley Vallelonga — Home Care Program