Service Milestones July – August 2021

This special section of MCH Life recognizes 83 individuals who, during July and August of 2021, reached a service milestone of five or more consecutive years of service at Med Center Health. Added together, this represents 1,015 years of service!

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35 Years

Leon Link
MCBG Cath Lab

30 Years

Tammy Calvert
MCBG Laboratory
Andrea Ellis
MCBG Food Service

Gina Hurt
Robert Zibart
Medical Center EMS

25 Years

Brent Ballard
Michelle Reed
MCBG Laboratory
Kathy Tharpe
MCS Food Services
Angie West
MCBG Surgery
Stacie Young
MCBG Radiology Nursing

20 Years

Lisa Cummings
Rehab Services
Dana Depp
Rehab Services
Leslie Hennion
MCF Radiology
Pam Kemble
Hillcrest Credit Agency
Kathy Lyle
Human Resources
Anne Mosier
Rehab Services
Joanie Newton
MCBG 3D Ortho/Neuro
Teresa Price
Barren River Adult Day Care
Vicki Weaver
Employee Health Services
Marianne Wilson
Rehab Services

15 Years

Nannette Allen — MCBG Nursing Administration
Amber Carver — MCBG 4C Adult Oncology
Kim Gay — Commonwealth Financial Resources
Becky Henderson — MCBG Laboratory
Kacey Jackson — Security
Barry Maple — MCBG Engineering
Kathryn Moran — Rehab Services
Kelli Skaggs — MCBG Postpartum Unit
Seth Smith — CRSH Administration
Tana Taylor — MCS Acute Care

10 Years

Lauren Buckland — MCBG 3D Ortho/Neuro
Chris Byrd — Rehab Services
Lisa Cox — MCBG 4D Open Heart Recovery
Aneisha Crossbourne, M.D. — Inpatient Medicine Associates
Kathy Cummings — MCF Acute Care
Kathy Devine — MCBG Environmental Services
Amy Embry — Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging
Marceline Hall — MCBG Patient Registration
Miki Harris — MCBG Surgery
Mike Hughes — MCF Administration
Dan Johnson — Medical Center Urgentcare
Paula McKinney — Accounting
Narendra Nathoo, M.D. — Neuroscience Services
Marsha Nauman — Administration
Sarah Nicholas — MCBG Pharmacy
Matt Oliver — Information Technology
Kalyana Pallerla, M.D. — Inpatient Medicine Associates
Stephanie Ramsey — MCBG 4D Open Heart Recovery
Nikki Ray — Center Care
Michael Rippy — MCBG 3D Ortho/Neuro
Kaity Sanborn — Medical Center EMS
Lindsey Skaggs — Medical Center Urgentcare
Lindsey Turner — MCF Emergency Department
Elaine Young — Hospitality House

5 Years

Rishi Agarwal, M.D. — Medical Center Hematology and Oncology
Lauren Arnold — MCBG Pharmacy
Kaitlyn Ball — MCBG Ambulatory Services
Lora Brady — MCBG Pharmacy
Cody Brown — MCBG Engineering
Jerline Bunton — MCBG Environmental Services
Paige Burden — Purchasing
Sara Beth Carrico — MCBG Patient Registration
Addie Estay — MCBG Social Services
Amanda Giebink — MCBG Food Service
Jennifer Han — MCBG PACU
Shelby Hathaway — MCBG ICU
Shaintell Hensel — CRSH Acute Care
Savannah Lindsey — MCBG Pharmacy
Autumn Miciotto — Purchasing
Amy Morgan — MCBG Respiratory Care
Shannon Orberson — Home Care Program
Grady Pare, M.D. — Medical Center Urgentcare
Zach Peace — MCBG Nursing Administration
Martina Pearson — Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care
Allison Poindexter — MCC Patient Registration
Brenda Richmond — MCBG Central Transport
Kathy Roney — MCBG Post Anes Care Unit
Patrick Stalcup — Rehab Services
Emily Staples — Rehab Services
Amelia Stockton — Med Center Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Lori Sweatt — MCBG Radiology
Nate Teal — MCBG Laboratory
Laura Wygant — MCBG Laboratory