Low-dose CT for Lung Cancer

If you’re worried about your risk for lung cancer and want to get checked for early stages of the disease, the last thing you want is a high dose of radiation. At Med Center Health, we’re focused on your concerns. That’s why we offer low-dose CT Scans to assess your cancer risk safely, right here in Southcentral Kentucky, with several locations close to home.

A Better Way to Scan for Lung Cancer

When you choose Med Center Health for low dose CT scans, you’re getting the highest resolution scans and the safest screening available in Southcentral Kentucky.

If you are or were once a heavy smoker, you are at higher risk for developing lung cancer. Finding the disease early allows for the best chance of recovery. We use the latest and safest technology for your peace of mind. Low-dose CT software allows our certified staff to custom-tailor radiation levels based upon your body size and the area being scanned. The result is the highest resolution scan produced in the safest way.

Low-dose CT scans are the only recommended diagnostic test by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the Center for Disease Control. They are recommended yearly for heavy smokers or once-heavy smokers who smoked on the average of one pack a day for 30 years or more.

Low dose CT Scans are available close to home in Southcentral Kentucky in several locations throughout the Med Center Health system. For more information, call Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging at 270-780-2764 or talk with your physician. A physician order is required for the screening.