Med Center Health Expands in Clinton County with Med Center MRI

Med Center Health has expanded its diagnostic imaging services in Clinton County with the addition of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The MRI service was acquired from Michael Cummings, M.D. who previously operated Twin Lakes MRI in Albany. Med Center MRI will be located in Twin Lakes MRI’s former location at 254 Burkesville Road.

“MRI is a much needed diagnostic imaging service for the local community, and we are pleased to provide this outpatient service in addition to the imaging services at The Medical Center at Albany,” said Laura Belcher, Administrator of The Medical Center at Albany and Vice President of Commonwealth Health Corporation (CHC). The Medical Center at Albany currently offers a range of diagnostic imaging services including 42-slice CT, digital mammography, and X-ray. “Investing in this MRI service ensures the local medical community has immediate access to the diagnostic imaging services they need to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand The Medical Center at Albany’s services,” said Eric Hagan, Executive Vice President for CHC. “In the short time that we have been in Clinton County, we have been blessed with the support of our community. We are happy to give back by providing this service locally so people don’t have to travel excessive distances to receive the care they need. This aligns perfectly with our mission, ‘To care for people and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.’”

MRI is used to diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions which affect soft tissue structures and organs in the body. It is particularly useful in diagnosing problems of the brain and spine. The MRI unit uses radio waves and a magnetic field to provide detailed images of particular parts of the body.  MRI produces cross-sectional views of the body.  By collecting a series of such images, MRI can create a multi-dimensional view of the body which greatly enhances a doctor’s ability to accurately diagnose medical conditions.

The “open MRI” at Med Center MRI is open on all three sides to permit ease of side loading and optimized patient comfort. During most exams, the patient’s head remains outside the magnet which means less anxiety for patients, especially those who are sometimes claustrophobic. It can also accommodate patients weighing in excess of 350 pounds.

For more information, call Med Center MRI at 606-387-2066 or 877-387-2066. To learn more about diagnostic imaging services available at The Medical Center at Albany, visit