Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a candidate?

  • Adults or children with hearing loss who have less than a 40% word discrimination in both ears.
  • Must be a current hearing aid user or have tried hearing aids in the past and not currently getting benefit from hearing aids
  • There are no age requirements. Rather, a patient’s health status is taken into consideration. If a patient is healthy enough to undergo a 2 hour operation, they can have an implant regardless of age.

How does it work?

  • Patients undergo an approximately 2 hour surgery to implant the device into the ear
  • Most patients are discharged home immediately following surgery
  • Three weeks after surgery, they audiologist activates the device. A hearing aid is worn behind the ear that connects to the internal device via a magnet.
  • Hearing returns slowly as the user adjusts to the device. Results vary based on hearing loss, how long you have been without hearing, and how much a patient uses the device.
  • Over 10-12 months, the hearing improves considerably
  • 4-5 appointments with the audiologist are required in the first year to make adjustments to the device

How do I find out if I am a candidate?

  • A patient must have less than 50% word discrimination in each ear on a standard hearing test
  • They must then undergo a special hearing test with their hearing aids in use
  • Patients will need a CT scan of the ears to make sure they have an ear that will accept an implant
  • An appointment with the surgeon and audiologist are necessary prior to implantation to discuss the surgical procedure, risks, benefits, and rehabilitation process. This can be arranged as a “Virtual” visit over video chat service.

Does insurance cover the device and surgery?

  • Most major insurance carriers (including Medicare and Medicaid) do cover the cost if the patient meets implant criteria
  • Standard deductibles and Co-pays apply
  • Each insurance carrier has its own set of criteria for candidacy

Fact Sheets

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