Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.


Urology Discussion with Dr. Bergamini

Kidney stones are common in both men and women. Some deal with this condition on a regular basis and others experience this once or twice over time. Follow along with Dr. Bergamini as he discusses the signs and procedure to treat kidney stones! Schedule a visit with Med Center Health Urology by visiting https://bit.ly/3sGWddo.

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Daily Challenge #20

Mental health is vital to your overall well being. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle this feeling? Try some breathing exercises that may provide you with relief. https://bit.ly/3nZ1UQj

Daily Challenge #19

Resistance training is important to incorporate into your regular fitness routine, and something as simple as knee push ups can work multiple body segments at once and lead to strength gains. https://bit.ly/2LPfRDo

Daily Challenge #18

Vegetables for breakfast? It could be the perfect boost you need to lead a productive day! Try out this unique but easy pancake recipe that your entire family may fall in love with. https://bit.ly/3sAXEdp

Daily Challenge #17

Do you let negativity sneak into your daily life? Are you a person that lets your social media affect your attitude? If so, today is the day in which you need to take time to remove those negative accounts from all your feeds! https://bit.ly/3bQ6CNQ

Daily Challenge #16

Physical inactivity is a risk factor for heart disease. This risk factor can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle, including exercise. Jumping jacks are an easy way to raise your heart rate and get you moving, so join the challenge today! https://bit.ly/3ixqiaA

Daily Challenge #15

Hydration is important and many people do not realize that it can be the number one contributor to helping you live your best life! Make it a daily goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. https://bit.ly/3oOe3ZR

10 Ways to Slash Stroke

Did you know over 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year? While some risk factors cannot be changed, several others can be controlled to help prevent stroke! Follow the link below to discover ways in which you can lower your risk. https://bit.ly/3oLcTOy

Daily Challenge #14

Many people choose to put off sleep in order to try to cram more tasks into their day. While this may make you feel accomplished, lack of sleep contributes to many preventable health conditions. https://bit.ly/3ieinPj

Dementia Discussion with Melissa Matthews, PhD

Dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life. Education is key in order to better manage the condition on a daily basis. Visit https://bit.ly/38FEDhX to schedule a visit with a Med Center Health professional today.

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Daily Challenge #13

Are you feeling extra anxious nowadays? Try starting with just one simple yoga move like the Mountain Pose every morning before things get hectic in your day. https://bit.ly/2LlohCB

Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine

A vaccine for COVID-19 is now available! What do you need to know about getting a COVID-19 vaccine? What can you expect after you get it? Read on to learn more.

Daily Challenge #12

Switch up your regular breakfast routine with this quick and easy protein packed meal. Quinoa is rich in protein, keeps you full, and helps with focus in the mornings! https://bit.ly/2K5KJyG

Glaucoma- 90 Seconds to Better Health

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerve, and according to Med Center Health Ophthalmologist Dr. Areephanthu, can lead to blindness. Testing can be done to see if this is a condition you are currently suffering from. Visit https://medcenterhealth.org/location/…​ to schedule your visit today.

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Daily Challenge #11

How have you been keeping in contact with your friends and loved ones? Many are feeling isolated at this point in time. Join the challenge to reach out to your friends and family regularly! https://bit.ly/3bptHHb

Daily Challenge #10

Did you know squats are a great way to improve your lower body strength and composition? Join us today for the 50 squat challenge! It can be done virtually anywhere. Visit the link below for a brief demonstration video https://mayocl.in/3s0tm3D.

Daily Challenge #9

Did you know that we have a fantastic Farmer’s Market program here in the community? Join us today for some fresh food shopping. Keep your family on a healthy track and also support local at the same time! https://bit.ly/2XjNQWWhttps://bit.ly/2JZhTA8

It is Safe to Return

Putting things off due to COVID has been shown to cause significant problems down the road. Do not hesitate seeking care for conditions or illness due to the COVID pandemic. Med Center Health facilities are safe.

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The Medical Center at Bowling Green Authorized to Move into Phase 1b

The Medical Center at Bowling Green is continuing to vaccinate healthcare personnel included in the state’s Phase 1a. We have been authorized by the Kentucky Department of Public Health to move into Phase 1b, which includes first responders, anyone at least age 70 and K-12 school personnel. Individuals who qualify under the age requirements for this priority phase can add their name to the scheduling request list by texting SENIOR to 270-796-3200. Alternatively, you can also email vaccine@mchealth.net with your full name, date of birth and phone number. Using either method, your name will be placed in queue and you will be contacted when an appointment time becomes available. Phase 1b includes a large number of Kentuckians and, with the limited supply of vaccine, we ask the public to be patient as we work through the request list. 

Please note: It may be several days before you receive your call due to overwhelming response. There is no need to text or email multiple times. Repeated submissions will reset your request to the current date and you will lose your earlier spot on the list. Please do not call the hospital switchboard. We thank you for your patience.

Organ Donation Registration

Have you ever considered registering to become an organ donor? 1 donor can save and improve the lives of over 100 in need, and for that reason we are calling on you this year to step up and register as an organ donor. Simply visit https://donatelifeky.org/.

Healthy Recipe Friday

Are you in need of a new easy breakfast or snack idea for the family? Try making a batch of these muffins to refresh your meal routine! https://bit.ly/3s8GlA2

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2020 Flu Discussion- 90 Seconds

This year is the first year we will be dealing with the flu in addition to the ongoing pandemic. It is very important that you receive your flu vaccine this year. Follow along as Dr. Shekar discusses the options you will have.

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Daily Challenge #8

Talk about a challenge for many! Screen time is increasing exponentially and while it is necessary now in many aspects of life, let’s take a day to unplug and engage in new ways with your family. https://bit.ly/3nsBlmk

Light Exercise Can Speed Stroke Recovery

Exercise is always an important component for maintaining a high quality of life, but this becomes essential in the process of stroke recovery. While difficult, be sure to stick to an exercise routine if you have suffered a stroke. https://bit.ly/2Xh3jqv

Daily Challenge #7

Who is up for a little fitness challenge today? Have you ever tried incorporating step-ups into your routine? It an easy way to strengthen and condition your lower body. Follow the link below for a brief demonstration! https://mayocl.in/3bj8A9o


Did you know that a comprehensive eye exam should be completed annually? An optometrist can diagnose a number of possible diseases, conditions, and possible complications you could be facing.

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Glaucoma Awareness

It’s Glaucoma Awareness Month! Do you know the risk factors for this condition? If not, take a minute to complete the glaucoma quiz and then be sure to contact Med Center Health Eye Care to schedule your annual visit today! https://bit.ly/35d4uvO

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Daily Challenge #6

Still struggling with a sweet tooth from the holidays? Satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way today by eating fruit with 2 meals! This is a great way to nourish your body while also receiving a little satisfaction along the way! https://bit.ly/35eouy7

The Activity Quiz

Resolutions are in full force as we enter into the first week of 2021! Is an exercise routine on your list this year? Well we have the perfect quiz to help your reach these new fitness goals. Take the activity quiz today! https://bit.ly/2X9gsSy