Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions are in effect at all Med Center Health hospitals and Cal Turner Rehab & Specialty Care.


Real Men Wear Pink

Dr. Cabrera has joined this years Real Men Wear Pink Campaign, and we encourage you to participate in the fight against breast cancer too! Visit the link below to contribute to Dr. Cabrera’s campaign to support the American Cancer Society.  https://bit.ly/2Tf6jBW

Breast Cancer Awareness

About 8 percent of women will be at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Frequent self examinations and annual mammograms can truly help catch breast cancer at an early stage and make treatment and recovery easier in many cases.

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Pharmacy Technician Day

Today as we acknowledge all of the hard work pharmacy technicians put in to serve our communities, it is a great time to think about medication safety. Do you know all you need to about prescription medications? Follow the link below to take the quiz! https://bit.ly/3klVzxG

Tips to Stay Accountable to Your Fitness Goal

How can you stay on track and remain dedicated to a fitness routine? Try out these 4 accountability tips! https://bit.ly/3nTEOfr

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National Mammography Day

When was the last time you scheduled a mammogram? Or have you never scheduled one? Early detection is important and can be the key to successful treatment of breast cancer. Today, we urge you to schedule your screening! Visit https://bit.ly/3lTK1So

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplained death of a baby younger than 1 year old. The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed guidelines that parents should follow to try to prevent SIDS from occurring.

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World Arthritis Day

1 in 4 Americans battle arthritis on a regular basis. Today we bring awareness to the disease in hopes to one day finding a cure! Visit https://medcenterhealth.org/arthritis/ for more information on the causes, risks, and symptoms. 

World Mental Health Day

2020 has brought challenges to our society that no one could have ever imagined. Today as we acknowledge World Mental Health Day, let’s take the time to check up on our family, friends, & neighbors. Be kind to one another and invest in your mental health! https://bit.ly/3nvLmk1

Healthy Recipe Friday

Looks like rain will be moving in for the weekend, so it’s the perfect time to try a new recipe! Check out this sweet potato bison chili created by the Real Food RDs.  https://whole30.com/januarywhole30-bison-chili/


A stroke is an emergency situation. It’s important to know the signs of a stroke and get help quickly. Call 911 or your local emergency number right away. Treatment is most effective when started right away. Visit https://bit.ly/30Oeycf for more information! 

Cervical Cancer- 90 Seconds to Better Health

Both cervical cancer screenings and the HPV vaccine are important ways in which to prevent certain types of cancers. Please consult your physician about scheduling your screenings today!

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September 12th Weekend Fitness Tip

Looking to be more organized with your fitness routine? Check out why a training log may be an important component for you!

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Summer Sun Safety

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the summer weather, but remember it is still important to take skin care precautions especially with UV rays.

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Mamm’s Day Out

We realize your time is valuable and it may be difficult to get a mammogram during the work week. That’s why we’re offering a Saturday screening. Please call 270-745-1199 to schedule an appointment. You may qualify for a free exam.

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Med Center Health Sports Medicine

Bowling Green City Schools partner with Med Center Sports Medicine for Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Services. Med Center Health will provide Bowling Green High School and Bowling Green Junior High School athletic training coverage for sporting practices and events including all athletics and activities recognized by the Bowling Green Board of Education.

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COVID-19 Research with Melinda Joyce

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Med Center Health has been involved in National Institutes of Health trials which have been set up in hopes of helping those recovering from contracting the Coronavirus.

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Markey Cancer Affiliation

In 2016, The Medical Center at Bowling Green joined the Markey Cancer Center Affiliation, a network designed to enhance cancer care services and programs. Follow the link below for more information on this collaboration.

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Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month

It is officially Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month! Remember that regular eye exams and eye safety are are important components for a child’s overall health. Visit https://bit.ly/2n7fNRp or read more below for more information.

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2020 Med Center Health 10K Classic

We would like to announce that the 2020 Med Center Health 10K Classic will be going virtual! This decision has been made in order to keep everyone healthy and safe amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Please visit www.mch10k.com for more information and to register today!

COVID-19 Research Explained By Dr. Singh

Western Kentucky Heart and Lung Research Foundation is a non-profit organization developed to promote research opportunities. Follow along as Dr. Singh discusses all of the current COVID-19 research that is taking place right here in the Bowling Green Community.

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Beyond the Hill: With Dr. Chaitu Malempati

WKU Medical Director and Head Team Physician Dr. Chaitu Malempati discusses his background in medicine, how he balances being an orthopedic surgeon for the Medical Center at Bowling Green with his work with the Hilltoppers, how he’s handled being a surgeon during the COVID-19 pandemic, his role in WKU Athletics’ COVID-19 response, and some of his favorite things about working with WKU.

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Hepatitis Awareness Day

Let’s work toward a “Hepatitis-free future” by bringing awareness to the prevention of the disease that causes many health problems over the lifetime. Visit https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-hepatitis-day/2020 for more information on what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones!

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Sarcoma Awareness

Sarcoma is a cancer that can be found in several different places of the body, typically in bone and soft tissue. It is important to always listen to how your body feels and seek help if something does not feel right. Visit https://medcenterhealth.org/service/cancer/ if you think you need to find a cancer specialist!

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