Walter Davis

When Glasgow attorney, Walter Davis, was informed he had stage IV metastasized prostate cancer, his life took on new meaning. Always active in the community, Walter shifted more focus to spending time with his family and his seven grandchildren. “When you go online and read the details of a stage IV cancer, the information really rocks you,” said Walter. “Being diagnosed stage IV taught me that there are more important things in life.”

In 2008, Walter was diagnosed with prostate cancer that was thought to have been caught early. The news grew darker when further tests revealed cancer that had spread to his hip, elevating it to stage IV. Walter has lived in Glasgow for 67 years, and he knows the reputation and quality of the healthcare in Barren County. Combined with a desire to remain close to his family, Walter made the conscious decision to receive radiation therapy with Barren River Regional Cancer Center. 

Stage IV cancers can require innovative and aggressive treatments, which Radiation Oncologist Dr. Craig Tyree and the staff of Barren River Regional Cancer Center were able to provide him. He received intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) as part of his comprehensive treatment plan, and it produced excellent results. IMRT is a form of radiotherapy that concentrates potent doses of energy to a targeted area while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. It varies the intensity of the radiation beam, so the shape of the resulting dose is tightly matched to the shape of the tumor. “Because of the quality of the equipment and his talent, Dr. Tyree was able to irradiate both areas at the same time,” said Walter. 

Walter is grateful for more than the medical technology that brought him to health; he also appreciates the compassion at Barren River Regional Cancer Center. “They have an excellent staff, and Dr. Tyree really takes time with the patients,” he said. “They are also very considerate of their patients’ schedules.” 

Cancer has touched several members of Walter’s family, and he attributes their strength to their strong faith. “I’m very thankful that God answers prayers,” he said. Encouragement came from his wife, his children and grandchildren, and his church family. That kind of support system is healthy for a patient’s outlook. Receiving treatment in Southcentral Kentucky allowed him to remain in the presence of his support system when he needed it most. And to Walter Davis, that was a blessing.